Back in September 2008, the St Paul Airlines “European Alpine Zone” was the first VFR flight’s section to be opened in the context of the brand new SPA BUSH OPERATIONS DIVISION (which became later part of the today’s SPA SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION)
The European Alps offer fantastic landscapes all the way from the Mediterranean French Côte d’Azur through beautiful Switzerland (my country), Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. This privileged and unique region was maybe one of the main reasons of the immediate success of the SPA bush operations division. And this success led me to develop what is today likely the most important VA’s bush and VFR division on the web.

Now I wanted to offer a new and more elaborate schedules for all those wishing to experiment a more intense immersion in these extraordinary alpine landscapes. Ideally you should try this tour in all four seasons as the landscape changes a lot accordingly.

Links to some useful and cultural information about European Alps:






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