A challenge for the most adventurous pilots only: World’s highest summits tour in the Himalaya range!

You are invited to participate to an incredible trip visiting all the peaks over 8’000 meters (26’300 ft).  A difficult task in a region with very few navigational aids (VOR, NDB) and thus where VFR is really essential. You can use any single or twin props aircraft fitted for the job. Remember that because of the high altitude involved, very powerful engines are a must and a pressurised cockpit or an oxygen supply is required.

It is also your part of the job to find among all free downloadable aircrafts available on the web, the ones best fitted for the task. Look at max altitude which sould reach at least 25'000 feet to circle the giants.

Some tips about the navigation: of course it is strictly VFR. To reach the peaks from each relevant airfield (see maps & flight plan), you should climb as fast as possible to a minimum of 25'000 to 28'000 feet. When airborn carefully follow the magnetic track leading to each peak as indicated on the flightplan. If an obstacle (mountain) block your way, take the right direction as soon as you reach an altitude which allow you to pass over the obstacle or follow the valleys. PLAN-G is an excellent free program to follow your progression on a moving map 

Do not worry to much about finding your way. 8000 meters+ peaks are VERY high and once you have reached an high altitude, you will see them. By the way, almost all hops require fair weather and good visibility! Finally, the 2 maps below will show you where to find these beautiful high mountains.

Do not forget to post your best pictures of these fantastic peaks on the web site!






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