In this special department you can perform postal flights to deliver urgent mail and small parcels all over a country, a region or a specific area.  You will mostly proceed by short hops and use small airfields.
You can choose to fly one leg occasionally or, more realistic, to fly a few sections in a raw, spending your day at work like a real world pilot.
All these flights are suited for single or twin props aircrafts. But I strongly suggest that you study carefully the destination’s runway length and type before choosing the best suited plane. Very short airstrips, high altitude and lack of radio and instruments  is not unusual among the postal flights destinations.
The idea when creating this new department is to offer the opportunity to thoroughly discover a region and, at the same time, to perform short flights when one does not have enough time for the hub’s regular scheduled long distance flights.

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UK postal flights
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This is a "Special Area" and one absolutely need the free downloadable scenery addons available from our partner MISTY MOORINGS ORG (see link on SPA home page) and various ORBX scenery regions. Without these addons most Misty Moorings Postal Flights destinations will be missing in your original flight simulator program. You will find all instructions on how to install the required files from the links on our homepage.
It is not an usual St Paul Airlines policy to require the use of payware in our flight programs. But in the present case, there is so much interest from some of our pilots for this Misty Moorings area, that I decided to brake this "sacred rule" for once. I also considered that since FSX appeared years ago there was no need to spend money on a new flight simulator and therefore that quite a few people could be willing to purchase same improved scenery for their old toy! (P3D is only a new version of FSX, with the same scenery and very few differences except maybe a better use of some multicore processors).

Your best choice for this postal task is an amphibian aircraft.

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From Halifax (Nova Scotia), bring mail and parcels all over Nova Scotia,  Prince Edward, and New Brunswick areas. Short hops for the pleasure of all SPA pilots who enjoy low and slow flying over picturesque landscape.

Bellingham postal map
Over a beautiful landscape but sometimes against a very bad weather and poor visibility, an interesting challenge if you wish to deliver the mail in time. It is also a good opportunity to fly over a part of the famous "Cascade Range" and the victoria area. Enjoy !


Postal Flights from Denver over Colorado and the neighbour states.
Another playground for our SPA Postal Flights pilots


For those interested by real adventurous flying in high altitude/low over ground challenging missions, here is a new battlefield to test your skill. You will below 25 exciting short flights scheduled from Denver Aurora Airpark and materialising postal roundtrips around some of the most exhilarating landscapes found in our flight simulators.

A word about the region considered:

The summit of Mount Elbert at 14,440 feet (4,401.2 m) elevation in Lake County is the highest point in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains of North America.  Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 1000 meters elevation. The point where the Arikaree River flows out of Yuma County, Colorado, and into Cheyenne County, Kansas, is the lowest point in Colorado at 3,317 feet (1,011 m) elevation. This point, which holds the distinction of being the highest low elevation point of any state is higher than the highest elevation points of 18 states and the District of Columbia.

High-altitude mountain flying has always been one of the more dangerous activities GA aircraft undertake each year. On average, 17 people die annually in GA accidents in the mountains of Colorado alone. Where eastern Appalachian flyers are used to climbing over mountains in the 2,000 to 3,000 foot range, pilots in the west regularly have to navigate in areas where the base ground is over twice that height, and the mountains themselves protrude skyward to well over 10,000 feet. Not many GA aircraft have the ability to climb over such high terrain, so the only option for most GA pilots in this area is to fly through the mountain passes. This brings numerous risks with it, as the statistics show. Some of these accidents occurred because pilots would check the weather from areas outside of the pass, when the weather inside of the pass was quite different. To solve this problem, Colorado aviation authorities recently installed Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) in five mountain areas and two at critical areas of the plains.

For more information on mountain flying, visit the Colorado Pilot's Association Web site.


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Postal Flights From Casablanca - Morocco

Here are some more Postal Flights adventures which allow SPA pilots to discover an unusual country (in the flightsim World), Morocco.

  • Morocco, about one-tenth larger than California, lies across the Strait of Gibraltar on the Mediterranean and looks out on the Atlantic from the northwest shoulder of Africa. Algeria is to the east and Mauritania to the south. On the Atlantic coast there is a fertile plain. The Mediterranean coast is mountainous. The Atlas Mountains, running North-Eastward from the south to the Algerian frontier, average 11,000 ft. (3,353 m) in elevation. So be aware that flying in this area is not so easy and your aircraft will have to climb high to bring you over the Atlas range.
  • The country is a constitutional monarchy, run by King Muhammed VI since 1999.
  • The largest cities are Casablanca, 3,397,000; Fez, 941,800; Marrakech, 755,200 and the capital is Rabat, 1,636,600.
  • The Morocco Postal Flights will also bring you to the Canary Islands belonging to Spain and which lies westward from the Moroccan coast, at about 40 minute’s flight.

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Air mail history in Alaska

As early as 1916, the Post Office Department obtained permission from Congress to contract for air mail service in Massachusetts and Alaska. No one submitted a bid to provide air mail service in either place because no suitable planes were available. The idea died until after World War I (1914 to 1918). In 1919, air mail service began in the contiguous United States. Then in 1924 the department shipped a dismantled military plane, a DeHaviland "Jenny," to Alaska and contracted with Carl Ben Eielson to make eight test flights between February and May. Eielson made the first airmail flight in Alaska on February 21, 1924, flying a 272-mile round trip between Fairbanks and McGrath in three hours.
Dog sled mail between the two points took 18 days. Other "Star Air Routes" followed as aviation developed in Alaska. By 1938, when there were 199 post offices in Alaska, 155 commercial aircraft flying in Alaska were served by 109 territorial airfields. Planes were used on 18 star routes.
As late as 1938, although mail was distributed to some places within Alaska by air, all mail still came to Alaska from ship by Seattle. In Southeast Alaska and along the Alaska Railroad in Southcentral Alaska, all classes of mail were carried year-round. But away from the sea and the railroad, when the rivers were frozen and mail could be carried only by airplane or dog team, only letters and small packages could be sent or received. Thus about 100 of the 199 Alaskan post offices had only restricted service. This did not change until after World War II (1939-1945) when large transport and passenger aircraft came into general civilian use in Alaska. Even in the 1980s, communities whose airports could not accommodate large aircraft or which were not served regularly by large aircraft received only letters and small packages when river or overland travel was impossible.

Now St Paul Airlines is offering air mail service in remotes area through its famous Postal Flights department, and of course need you, the SPA pilots, to do the job in all weathers and in all seasons.

Copyright Yoland Grosjean for St Paul Airlines - June 2015