This Special Operations section, “leisure flights”, is especially set up for all those who want to visit the United States of America using a rather small single prop aircraft. This gives them the opportunity to use rather small airfields or grass strips and to visit some very unusual destinations.
The average duration of each hop is roughly half an hour flight with a light aircraft such as the Cessna Grand Caravan (but any single prop plane will do the job).
The first two scheduled tours consisting of short legs connecting our two US hubs, Miami (KMIA) and Minneapolis/St Paul (KMSP). A great opportunity to discover a part of beautiful North America!

For all our pilots who do not have much time for our flight simulation hobby, these tours give them the opportunity to train their skill in just 20 to 30 minutes. And it is great fun to use small airstrips! Our veteran or retired airliners pilots should also appreciate these easy “leisure flights”.

 More tours will be added to this new section in the coming months.