Flight Profit/Loss Detail
Airline:Mikkelsen, KristianFlight:998735MUCU-MUGT
Passenger Revenue143.78
Cargo Revenue334.96
Total Revenue478.74
Variable Costs:
Fuel Cost187.74
Operating Costs:157.35
Fixed Costs:
Cost of Ownership:76.02
Total Costs:421.11
Fuel Penalty:0.00
Hard Landing Penalty:0.00
Excessive G-Force Penalty:0.00
Total Penalties:0.00
Total Profit:57.63
Comments:  Passengers impressed by soft landing (Landing Rate: -176.09).  Carrying Excess Fuel (over 1.75 Hrs.) is not cost-effective (Remaining Fuel Time: 1.92).  Passengers enjoyed the flight - very professional.