Flight Profit/Loss Detail
Airline:Bradshaw, MarkFlight:50086LIPZ-LIRF
Passenger Revenue7658.13
Cargo Revenue3645.81
Total Revenue11303.94
Variable Costs:
Fuel Cost13890.24
Operating Costs:3866.01
Fixed Costs:
Cost of Ownership:3950.78
Total Costs:21707.04
Fuel Penalty:0.00
Hard Landing Penalty:0.00
Excessive G-Force Penalty:0.00
Total Penalties:0.00
Total Profit:-10403.10
Comments:  Passengers impressed by soft landing (Landing Rate: -133.03).  Carrying Excess Fuel (over 1.75 Hrs.) is not cost-effective (Remaining Fuel Time: 5.02).  Passengers enjoyed the flight - very professional.