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Division Closed

Pilots may still complete these econ flights for credit, as they can be a good practice

for the new Econ 2018 Project that will replace this division and be available soon.

So...Are You Up To The Challenge?

  • Your Success Depends On Your Ability
    • Plan your flight
    • Manage your payload and fuel
    • Piloting skills matter!
  • Compete against your fellow pilots
    • Profitability
    • Safe Flights
    • Good Landings
  • Receive Recognition for Your Success
    • Route Completion Award Icons
      • Safest Flights Award Icons
      • Best Landings Award Icons
      • Most Profitable Award Icons
Read the new Econ Mode Instructions Here - also accessible from the Main Menu as usual.
Select a new Econ Mode Flight from the Approved Flight Group List Here - also accessible from
the Main Menu->Spec. Ops.->Cargo and Freight.

Mpls/St. Paul Center
Click on pilot name to see pilot's flight detail
Pilot Total Revenue Total Flights Avg Revenue
Riel, George$999.991$999.99
Rogers, John E. (Webmaster)$13,235.1714$945.37
Carroll, James$21,300.4123$926.10
Schneider, William$877.691$877.69
Chew, Larry$16,980.8723$738.30
Total Cargo & Freight Revenue: $53,394.13

Ketchikan Center
Click on pilot name to see pilot's flight detail
Pilot Total Revenue Total Flights Avg Revenue
Chew, Larry$24,213.1525$968.53
Daugherty, Mike (Vice President)$18,140.4819$954.76
Carroll, James$12,868.7114$919.19
Sweeney, Kenneth$2,494.803$831.60
Magin, James$18,900.8425$756.03
Total Cargo & Freight Revenue: $76,617.98

Anchorage Center
Click on pilot name to see pilot's flight detail
Pilot Total Revenue Total Flights Avg Revenue
Carroll, James$17,073.8218$948.55
Chew, Larry$14,490.8520$724.54
Schneider, William$13,950.4620$697.52
Ditz, Bill$13,137.9020$656.90
Total Cargo & Freight Revenue: $58,653.03

Pilot Flight Detail for Daugherty, Mike (Vice President)
Click on Pilot ID to see flight's Econ. data
Pilot Flight # Aircraft Date From Destination Duration Ttl PAX Ttl Cargo Landing Rate Hub Status
48920370CBDeHavilland DHC62018-02-13KPAECYLW1.4101300-239.14SOP
48920369CBDeHavilland DHC62018-02-04CYQQKPAE1.210800-371.40SOP
48920368CBDeHavilland DHC62018-01-21CYZTCYQQ0.910800-304.50SOP
48920367CBDeHavilland DHC62018-01-18CYBDCYZT1.112330-288.36SOP
48920366CBDeHavilland DHC62018-01-09CYXTCYBD1.310800-281.43SOP
48920365CBDeHavilland DHC62018-01-06PAKTCYXT1.210800-317.58SOP
48920364CBDeHavilland DHC62018-01-05PAJNPAWG0.851257-423.69SOP
48920363CBDeHavilland DHC62018-01-02PAJNPAWG1.651257-313.73SOP
48920362CBDeHavilland DHC62017-12-26PAYAPAJN1.012107-176.09SOP
48920361CBDeHavilland DHC62017-12-25CYXYPAYA1.351257-376.78SOP
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