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St. Paul Airlines Economic Practice Page
Click on pilot name to see pilot's flight detail
Pilot Total Revenue Total Flights Avg Revenue
Carlson, Bill898744.1814 64196.01
Schneider, William205940.4743 4789.31
Rogers, John E. (Webmaster)16307.495 3261.50
Chew, Larry191254.6963 3035.79
Wolke, Oswald30684.9515 2045.66
Nilsson, Ubbe11653.468 1456.68
Archer, Jim666.151 666.15
Daugherty, Mike (MSP Hub Manager)2903.205 580.64
Kamwimwi, Thabsten-1180.502 -590.25
Gross, George Jr-657.241 -657.24
Dix, Simon-8098.034 -2024.51

Pilot Flight Detail for Carlson, Bill
Click on Pilot ID to see flight's Econ. data
Pilot Flight # Aircraft Date From Destination Duration Ttl PAX Ttl Cargo Landing Rate Hub Status
6601751BBoeing B7892018-07-17OMDBYSSY16.428181280-315.27
6601751Boeing B7892018-07-16KMSPOMDB13.728178280-105.35
6601744Boeing B7892018-07-14NZAAKMSP15.127574300-110.73
6601765BBoeing B7892018-07-14FACTNZAA14.427583300-60.75
6601765ABoeing B7892018-07-12KMSPLSZH11.6271111980-47.67
6601765Boeing B7892018-07-12KMSPLSZH8.6282126110-1764.73
6601523BOEING B7892018-07-06KMSPKLAX3.7292173410-267.59
6601595BOEING B7892018-07-05KDCAKMSP2.3292183910-795.09
6601710BOEING B7892018-07-02RCTPKMSP14.029182080-18.45
6601715BOEING B7892018-06-28KMSPPHNL8.9281135780-260.67
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