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Juneau Center Flight Schedule

Group 1 Flights
Flight Code Description Origin Destination Distance(NM) Pax Cargo Comments
600000Weekly Round Robin to Fairbanks via AnchoragePAJNPANC49515650PAJN-PANC leg
600001Weekly Round Robin to Fairbanks via AnchoragePANCPAFA22610300PANC-PAFA leg
600002Weekly Round Robin to Fairbanks via AnchoragePAFAPAJN54012725PAFA-PAJN leg
600003Southern Milk Run (PAJN-PAWG leg)PAJNPAWG1335275PAJN-PAWG leg
600004Southern Milk Run (PAWG-PAKT leg)PAWGPAKT714425PAWG-PAKT leg
600005Southern Milk Run (PAKT-CYPR leg)PAKTCYPR786300PAKT-CYPR leg
600006Southern Milk Run (CYPR-CYVR leg)CYPRCYVR4078440CYPR-CYVR leg
600007Southern Milk Run (CYVR-CYPR leg)CYVRCYPR4078650CYVR-CYPR leg
600008Southern Milk Run (CYPR-PAKT leg)CYPRPAKT787700CYPR-PAKT leg
600009Southern Milk Run (PAKT-PAWG leg)PAKTPAWG715325PAKT-PAWG leg
600010Southern Milk Run (PAWG-PAJN leg)PAWGPAJN1338415PAWG-PAJN leg
600011Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorsePAJNPAHN614675PAJN-PAHN leg
600012Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorsePAHNCYXY895315PAHN-CYXY leg
600013Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorseCYXYPAHN893755CYXY-PAHN leg
600014Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorsePAHNPAJN615415CYXY-PAJN leg
600015Yak, Yak, YakutatPAJNPAYA1724520PAJN-PAYA leg
600016Yak, Yak, YakutatPAYAPAJN1725450PAYA-PAJN leg
600017Eastern LoopPAJNCYXS47981100PAJN-CYXS leg
600018Eastern LoopCYXSCYYC35712600CYXS-CYYC leg
600019Eastern LoopCYYCCYXS35710765CYYC-CYXS leg
600020Eastern LoopCYXSPAJN479101320CYXS-PAJN leg

Group 2 Flights
Optional Juneau Group-2 Scenery Download at Main Menu->Downloads->Enhancements->Econ Module Scenery
Flight Code Description Origin Destination Distance(NM) Pax Cargo Comments
600021Requires amphibian, or floatplane. Can use 5Z1PAJNBNF763500
600022Return another group from fishing campBNFPAJN764350
600023Improvised strip near camp on shore of Lk. Galea, near N55deg50', W132deg53'PAJNGALEA1614350
600024Return group stranded by another bush carrierGALEAPAJN1613575
600025Basecamp on Fairweather Glacier (about N58deg 50',W137deg 45') on west side of Mt. FairweatherPAJNBCAMP11055450Mt. Fairweather 15,300'
600026Return badly injured climber from basecamp on west side of Mt. Fairweather. No steep banks or hard ldg.BCAMP1PAJN1051850
600027Low altitude sightseeing over the Chilkoot pass and return via the White Pass, landing at SkagwayPAJNPAGY1129360Lookup passes on sectional
600028Evacuate hungover sightseers the next dayPAGYPAJN909300
600029Tincup Lake. On Whitehorse Sectional, not in FSX. Check lake surface condition before departurePAJN/5Z1CEF92463550N61deg45';W139deg.12' Note: 5Z1: Juneau Harbor, acceptable alternative for PAJN
600030Return from Tincup Lake. If lake (2686') frozen, use skis, not floatsCEF9PAJN/5Z12463500 Note: 5Z1: Juneau Harbor, acceptable alternative for PAJN
600031Low altititude sightseeing to north end of both arms of Glacier Bay and return. VFR conditions onlyPAJNPAJN22112600Required 120-minute duration!
600032Climbers bound Mt. Logan. Bush pilot will take them from Yakutat to base camp on Seward GlacierPAJNPAYA1366600
600033Load of flash frozen fish from Eastern Pacific for Juneau restaurants. Do not allow to thaw.PAYAPAJN13611500
600034Base camp at about 6000' at the foot of the famous Humingbird Ridge, approx. N60 deg30', W140 deg.30'PAYABCAMP27051400Mt. Logan 19,150'
600035Evacuate another team from the glacier the same day. No VFR flight above 12,500' in Canadian airspaceBCAMP2PAYA704940

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