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Juneau Center Flight Schedule

Group 1 Flights
Flight Code Description Origin Destination Distance(NM) Pax Cargo Comments
600000Weekly Round Robin to Fairbanks via AnchoragePAJNPANC49515650PAJN-PANC leg
600001Weekly Round Robin to Fairbanks via AnchoragePANCPAFA22610300PANC-PAFA leg
600002Weekly Round Robin to Fairbanks via AnchoragePAFAPAJN54012725PAFA-PAJN leg
600003Southern Milk Run (PAJN-PAWG leg)PAJNPAWG1335275PAJN-PAWG leg
600004Southern Milk Run (PAWG-PAKT leg)PAWGPAKT714425PAWG-PAKT leg
600005Southern Milk Run (PAKT-CYPR leg)PAKTCYPR786300PAKT-CYPR leg
600006Southern Milk Run (CYPR-CYVR leg)CYPRCYVR4078440CYPR-CYVR leg
600007Southern Milk Run (CYVR-CYPR leg)CYVRCYPR4078650CYVR-CYPR leg
600008Southern Milk Run (CYPR-PAKT leg)CYPRPAKT787700CYPR-PAKT leg
600009Southern Milk Run (PAKT-PAWG leg)PAKTPAWG715325PAKT-PAWG leg
600010Southern Milk Run (PAWG-PAJN leg)PAWGPAJN1338415PAWG-PAJN leg
600011Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorsePAJNPAHN614675PAJN-PAHN leg
600012Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorsePAHNCYXY895315PAHN-CYXY leg
600013Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorseCYXYPAHN893755CYXY-PAHN leg
600014Regular Bi-Weekly Service to WhitehorsePAHNPAJN615415CYXY-PAJN leg
600015Yak, Yak, YakutatPAJNPAYA1724520PAJN-PAYA leg
600016Yak, Yak, YakutatPAYAPAJN1725450PAYA-PAJN leg
600017Eastern LoopPAJNCYXS47981100PAJN-CYXS leg
600018Eastern LoopCYXSCYYC35712600CYXS-CYYC leg
600019Eastern LoopCYYCCYXS35710765CYYC-CYXS leg
600020Eastern LoopCYXSPAJN479101320CYXS-PAJN leg

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