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Aviator90 videos

1. Where and how to download Adventure Pack 9 Scenery

Using AP9 as an example, this video shows you how and where to download the scenery needed for this adventure pack. It includes accessing the necessary links to outside sources for those required downloads.


2. How to install Adventure Pack 9 Scenery

Using AP9 as an example, this video shows you how to install the scenery into your FSX simulator.


3. How to install the Truk 1945 Scenery for Adventure Pack 9

This video shows how to install the main scenery into your simulator scenery library.


4. How to install the misc. files (sounds, effects, AI boats) for Truk-1945 pack into your simulator

Basically a continuation of video #3, this video shows how to install the remaining scenery files for the Truk package into your simulator.


5. Final Scenery Check and Positioning the the Truk 1945 scenery in your library and installing the ARRCAB program (arrestor/catapult cable program)

A final check of the scenery file installation, ensuring all necessary AP9 scenery files are installed, and positioning the Truk 1945 scenery correctly. Lastly, how to install and run the ARRCAB Program.


6. Installing the Corsair Plane

This video shows the installation of the Corsair plane into FSX.


7. Testing the Corsair Plane Install and preparing to install the gun effects

We now test the Corsair Plane install and look at two methods of installing the gun effects.


8. Installing the gun effects

Here we actually install the gun effects - showing how to cut and paste the effects into your aircraft.cfg file.


9. Corsair Gun Effect test and Joystick Assignment for the gun effects

In this video we will test your installed gun effects and show how to set your joystick to fire the guns with FSX - and the preferable FSUIPC registered version.


10. Final check of all installed Adventure Pack 9 Scenery. Placing and loading your Flt and flight plan files.

This video shows how to check your Adventure Pack scenery install and to set your Flight Plan and Flight Files, then loading the Flight file.


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