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Category II
Description Related Files Aircraft Download
ATR72-200F ATR72-200F Information
Download ATR72-200F
ATR72-200F Shorts 360 Information
Download Shorts 360 Download Shorts 360
Category IV
Description Related Files Aircraft Download
Douglas DC-9 Douglas DC-9 Information
Download Douglas DC-9
MD-87 MD-87 Information
Download MD-87 Download MD-87
Category V
Description Related Files Aircraft Download
Airbus A320-232 Airbus A320-232 Information
Download Airbus A320-232
Boeing 727-200F Boeing 727-200F Information
Download Boeing 727-200F
Boeing 737-300 Boeing 737-300 Information
Download Boeing 737-300
Category VI
Description Related Files Aircraft Download
Boeing 767-300F Boeing 767-300F Information
Download Boeing 767-300F
MD-11F MD-11 Information
Download MD-11F Download MD-11F
Category VII
Description Related Files Aircraft Download
Airbus 340-313 Airbus 340-313 Information
Download Airbus 340-313
Boeing 747-400 Boeing 747-400F Information
Download Boeing 747-400F Download Boeing 747-400F


Each of these aircraft is provided for Saint Paul Airlines pilots. For any questions or comments, please email Captain Paul Deans, Vice President of Fleet Development.

Some of these aircraft do NOT come with panels and sound packs. Custom panels and sound packs are available at FlightSim.Com or AvSim.Com.

Click on the appropriate flight simulator logo to download the aircraft.

If you click on the aircraft picture on the left, you will see the full sized picture.

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