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Economics Module Instructions

  • How do I use the Economics Module?

  • You must be using SPA's ACARS program, SPAACARS, in order to use Econ Module. SPAACARS currently only supports FSX and P3D simulators. SPAACARS is available in the Download area of our Main Menu, under "Enhancements" and then "Utilities". Download and extract the files and move them to the directory of your choice to run it. Please refer to the SPAACARS Instructions Page and the user manual included in the zip file for instructions and use of SPAACARS. Make sure you change the settings in SPAACARS to use Econ Mode by checking the appropriate box in the settings area.

  • How is cost and revenue calculated?

  • Costs are based on aircraft weight, flight time and landing weight. The exact calculations are not important because revenue is based on use of your cargo capacity. The following explains % of revenue over cost, ie. profit, based on your cargo capacity. Aircraft are separated into two categories ( < or > 300,000 lbs MGW).

    Aircraft greater than 300,000 lbs MGW) Aircraft less than 300,000 lbs MGW
    % Cargo Capacity UsedProfit as % of Cost % Cargo Capacity UsedProfit as % of Cost
    100%1.3% 100%13%
    75%1% 75%10%
    50%.7% 50%7%
    25%.3% 25%3%
    10%.1% 10%1%

    SPAACARS displays your plane's cargo capacity on the flight plan page to help you calculate. This is located next to the passenger and cargo fields on SPAACARS flight plan page. Your total cargo wgt in use is the number of passengers * 170 Lbs. added to your Cargo wgt field.

    Remember you must set your cargo wgt first is FSX before starting SPAACARS because SPAACARS uses the total payload weight of your fsx setting to determine the current payload use of your plane. If you are not satisfied with the current amount of capacity you're using, you must shut down SPAACARS before adding or subtracting weight in FSX, then restart SPAACARS so that it recognizes your payload weight change.

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