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Economics Module Instructions


  • FSX, FSXSE, P3d (These simulators are compatible with the required ACARS program, SPAACARS)
  • Use of St. Paul Airlines SPAACARS program(Version 8 or higher) for auto-submission of PIREPs

SPAACARS Settings:

Make sure you have checked the box "Use Econ Mode" in the SPAACARS settings menu.

Note: The Econ setting now results in an automatic PIREP submission upon landing/crashing. This ensures that pilots are less likely to only send good flights to SPA. To add to the realism, your flight is your flight - and you are rewarded or penalized based on your flight planning and piloting skills.


Econ Flight numbers are post-fixed with the letters "CB" and the flight numbers must be entered correctly as listed in the Cargo/Econ flight schedule. Only those pre-defined flight plans with assigned numbers will count as an Econ Flight. User-defined flights and flight numbers will be rejected as Econ Flights, as will flights saved with earlier versions of SPAACCARS before Version 8 - regardless of econ mod settings. However, practice econ flights will show in the "Econ Practice Page" as long as SPAACARS is Version 8 or higher, and will also show in your logbook and count towards your flight hours. Econ Flights will automatically count towards your regular flights in your pilot's log just as any other flights have previously.

While you can repeat any of the Econ Flights you wish, your first flight entry becomes your 'official entry'. Addtional flights with the same flight number will count towards your regular PIREP's, but will not register as an Econ Flight. In short - you only get one offical run-through of each flight group (currently there are the 3 flight groups created by Yoland - one for each Cargo center - Mpls, PAKT and PAJN. "Do-overs" to attempt a better outcome for a particular flight will not register in the Econ Module - only in your personal logbook.


You can now fly your choice of aircraft on the Econ-Mod flights. Just be sure that the type of aircraft you select is suitable for your flight.

Payload (Cargo and Passengers):

You can fly either cargo or passengers or a combination of both and still get equal credit. When SPAACARS is initialized it will identify your aircraft's Cargo Capacity, Cargo, and Passengers. Your aircraft will automatically have 1 passenger (the pilot) and the remaining payload weight allocated to "cargo" when SPAACARS first initialized the aircraft. As you change the passenger number field in SPAACARS, the remaining cargo weight is reduced.

You don't have to fly with full cargo to get full revenue. Only if your flight is very short, with very little fuel added and almost no payload added will your revenue be reduced. Basically, if you use less than 50% of your aircraft's cargo capacity you could see a 50% reduction in your revenue.

Note: SPAACARS initializes the payload weight based on your simulator payload settings. If you don't add cargo or passengers to your aircraft, SPAACARS will not initialize that payload weight. You must adjust this in your simulator for SPAACARS to recognize it.

Note: The Cargo Capacity is displayed by SPAACARs and is not editable. If you overload your plane, it will just be more difficult to fly and you will receive an overweight penalty.


It's important for you to plan your fuel use for your chosen aircraft, and to load only the necessary amount for your flight plan, alternate airport (up to 1.75 hrs. flight time) including reserve. In any case you must try to land your plane with no more than 1.75 hrs. extra fuel on board, and no less than .5 hrs. of fuel on board. These numbers will be calculated based on your aircraft's fuel burn rate during the flight.

Flying Skill:


If you make crazy turns or fly up and down erratically you will create G-Force extremes that make your passengers sick or frightened and damage your cargo. As a result, these actions will also generate a penalty assessed against your total revenue. If you use SPAACARS sound option in the settings menu, the passenger screams will let you know there's a penalty waiting for you when you land.
Note: You may wish to set your weather addon's wind turbulence setting down a bit with smaller aircraft because excessive bouncing around with addons like ASNext can cause g-force penalties. Sorry - still no do-overs for flying through addon-weather-generated turbulence.

Landing Rate

Slamming your aircraft down on the runway won't impress your passengers or ensure the condition of your cargo or aircraft. As a result, hard landings will generate a penalty that can get very expensive depending on how "hard" you land. Landing in excess of -1000 are considered a crash, and you'll be paying a hefty insurance deductible out of your revenue.

Note: Poor planning and piloting can result in negative revenue - a loss for your company's bottom line.

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