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france titre
Welcome to St Paul Airlines French VFR Operations section, welcome to France!

I think that France has it all: major tourist attractions like Paris, beautiful coastline and countryside, winter sport resorts of the Alps, lovely cities, culture, exceptional food and drink, old towns chock full of ancient buildings with narrow streets, lively markets and a range of different climatic zones and generally some great weather.

I invite you for a wonderful journey across this delightful country through its smaller aerodromes. You will start from famous airport “Paris le Bourget”… yes the one where Charles Lindbergh landed on May 21st 1927 when he first crossed the Atlantic in his legendary aircraft, the Spirit of St. Louis. Fifty rather short laps, usually less than one hour, will give you the opportunity to discover all the regions of beautiful France, flying low and slow over extraordinary landscapes.

Choose your favourite single or twin props aircraft and let’s go. There are quite a few grass runways waiting for you, but in France they are usually long enough and can be used by twin engines aircrafts as long as these are not too heavy and have some STOL character and rather slow Takeoff and landing speed.

tYoland Grosjean - SPA CEO and Special Operations Manager  Nov 2015. St Paul Airlines

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