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S.P.A.Training Division

Flt No. SP8910

Aircraft: BE-1900

Location: Saint Paul, MN (KSTP)

Weather: 600 Overcast with 7/8 coverage, Visibility 2mi, Wind 090 at 10 kts.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the New Pilots Course. When you finish this flight, you’ll enjoy the fun of flying the "line" for the best VA on the WEB.

For this flight you will depart STP to the Southeast, and fly in a big circle for a landing at MSP on runway 12R.

S.P.A. Commuter First Officer line check.

To demonstrate your proficiency in:


BE-1900 speed card

  • First complete "Training Flight" in BE-1900 as many times as necessary to feel comfortable in the aircraft.
  • Climb Prop RPM is 1600
  • Cruise Prop RPM is 1550

Route of flight:

Saint Paul Airport (KSTP) to Minneapolis Airport (KMSP)

  • STP - FGT (Farmington VOR / 115.7) about 200 Hdg. > Set to Nav # 1
  • FGT - MKT (Mankato VOR / 110.8) use Nav # 2
  • MKT - RWF (Redwood VOR / 113.3) use Nav # 1
  • RWF - DWN (Darwin VOR / 109.0) use Nav # 2
  • DWN 090 Radial until intercepting / MSP ILS RWY 12R LOC, then proceed inbound on the ILS (110.3 / 119 degrees inbound)
  • ALTITUDE: 6000 feet until RWF then descend to 3000 feet until DWN then descend to 2800 feet.
  • SPEED: Cruise speed (85% Trq) until RWF then slow to 200 kts till 30nm East of DWN established on the 090 radial, then slow to 160 kts. An exercise in speed control.
  • APPROACH: ILS runway 12R to MSP (110.3 / 2800 feet / 119 degrees inbound course)

Pre-takeoff checklist:

  1. Set Nav # 1 to FGT on 115.7 & course selector to 200 degrees
  2. Set Nav # 2 to MKT on 110.8
  3. Set altitude on auto-pilot to 6000 feet
  4. Set Hdg bug to runway heading
  5. Set Auto Feather "ON" (OFF @ 1000 feet AGL)
  6. Pitot heat "ON"
  7. Lights:
    • Land = "ON" (OFF @ Cruise altitude)
    • NAV = "ON" (shows power on aircraft)
    • BCN = "ON" (on before starting engines)
    • Strobe = "ON" (on when taking runway - except may leave off in clouds)

Approach plate for KMSP ILS RWY 12R

Thank you for participating in the training program. It is a sincere pleasure to have you flying with us at SPA.

During your tenure at SPA your main contact person will be your HUB manager, however please feel free to contact the "Training Guy" any time you have a question.

"Keep the dirty side down"

Jerry Allen - The Training Guy


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