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S.P.A.Training Division

Flt No. SP8912

Aircraft: CRJ-200

Location: Minneapolis/Saint Paul Int'l (KMSP)

Weather: 2000 Overcast, Visibility 2mi, Winds calm.

S.P.A. Flight Engineer / Commuter Captain II Checkride:

To demonstrate your proficiency in:

  • Handling your first jet aircraft
  • 3 X 1 Descent Profile
  • NDB Approach*
  • Procedure Turn
  • "Time" to Missed Approach

LESSON: * See Navigation listed under Ground School. Recommend you read "NDB Procedures" in the Navigation section prior to attempting this flight.

You will need a copy of the approach plate for:" NDB RWY 6R @ DAY"

Get the approach plate from: myairplane.com (Search using KDAY)


MSP to DQN(VOR) to DAY (114.5 / Dayton, OH> VOR) to Bruny NDB (315) for NDB Runway 6R Approach.


FL270 then Descend to cross DQN @ 6000 feet @ 250 kts. Remember to slow to 250 kts at 10,000 feet before continuing the descent to 6000 feet. Use the 3x1 rule - start your descent at about 63nm from DQN.


  1. After passing the DQN VOR fly outbound on the DQN165R/10.6nm to arrive over the Bruny NDB. Descend to 3000 feet after passing the VOR.
  2. Passing "Bruny NDB" turn right to HDG 247 / lower flaps to first position & slow to 180 kts. Note the "time" & fly outbound for one minute.
  3. Set your course selector to 067 > as a reminder for your inbound course.
  4. After one minute, turn right to HDG 292 > note "time", and fly out for one minute.
  5. After one minute, turn left to HDG 112 & lower flaps to position "2" & slow to 160 kts.
  6. When ADF needle points to 080 > turn left to your inbound course of 067.
  7. When established inbound on the 067 descend to 2700 feet.
  8. When passing the NDB (needle swing) lower landing gear & flaps to position 3 & start descent at a rate of 800 fpm. Note "time" > Slowly reduce speed to "Ref" over runway end.


  • NDB is 5.8 nm from runway end
  • At 150 kts your "time" to missed approach point is 2:19 minutes (Time it !)
  • Your "MDA" is 1480 feet ( airport elevation is 1009 feet)
  • CAUTION: When "wind" is a factor, an NDB approach becomes much more complicated. You must mentally figure your "bearing" information at all times as the ADF needle only points to the "station" & does NOT allow for wind drift.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Read the section on NDB procedures in the "Navigation" pages, then try this lesson again with a 10 knot cross wind.

Welcome To Dayton!


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