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St. Paul Airlines - Training Department - Line Check SP8915

S.P.A.Training Division

Flt No. SP8915

Aircraft: B-767

Location: Forbes Air Force Base - Topeka, KS (KFOE)

Weather: 1000 Overcast, Visibilty 3mi, Wind calm.

S.P.A. Senior Captain Checkride

To demonstrate proficiency in:



FOE (Forbes AFB>Topeka, KS.) to Salina, KS. (VOR= 117.1) inbound on SLN 075R / 23DME ARC South / ILS RWY 35 ( 108.9 / 353 INB.)


12,000FEET / 40DME East of SLN VORTAC / 3200 feet


  1. Depart FOE on runway 31 & fly HDG 290 / SLN-075R...track inbound
  2. When level at 12,000 feet, fly speed of 300 kts ind.
  3. At 40DME start descent to3200 feet
  4. Reduce speed to 250kts before descending below 10,000 feet
  5. At 26 DME, turn left to a HDG of 170 to join the 23 DME ARC South.


    To fly an ARC, have your NAV.# 2 set to RMI on SLN VORTAC. It will point to the station. Keep the needle off the right wing tip (90) & make 10 turn corrections to the right as you work your way aroundthe ARC...you want to see 23 miles on the DME. IF showing 24 miles, then start your turn early, or make a 20 turn instead of 10. IF showing 22 miles, then turn late.

  6. When level at 3200 feet, reduce to 230 kts.
  7. Set NAV # 1 to the ILS freq. (108.9) and set crs selector to the LOC inbound of 353.
  8. When the RMI NAV # 2(set to SLN VORTAC) tail points to 150, lower flaps 1 & slow to 200 kts.
  9. The "lead radial" (when you start your turn to intercept the LOC) is 170...when you see this on NAV # 2 tail, turn to a HDG of 325 to join the LOC. Select "App Mode".
  10. When the LOC starts to move, lower flaps to position 5, and slow to 180 kts
  11. When GS is one dot above center, lower Ldg gear and fly a normal ILS.

Missed Approach:

At an altitude of 1500 feet execute a MA

Climb to 3000 feet (Note: MA on approach plate)

Proceed direct to SLN VOR and HOLD ( North on the 003 Radial / Right Turns)

  1. Go around power
  2. Flaps...Up to next position
  3. At positive rate of climb...gear up
  4. Flaps up on schedule...leave 5 down, & accelerate to only 180 to 190 kts. Holding speed is 175 kts.

Holding Entry:

  1. You'll be approaching the VOR on about a 360 HDG, so when you pass the VOR, turn left to a heading of 333 & proceed out for 10 DME, then turn right & join the 003 Radial (inbound Hdg will be 183) This is a TEARDROP entry Be sure to be at 3000 feet & slowed to 175 kts.
    NOTE: The MA altitude is 3000 feet & the "Transition" altitude back to the NDB is 3200 feet. (a real world dilemma)
    KSLN NDB 35 Approach plate
  2. Make 2 turns in Holding, then follow the transition route to the NDB ( VOR 177 Radial / 14.7 nm)
  3. Climb to 3200 feet (note: approach plate)
  4. Reaching the NDB...note the one minute Holding pattern...this is mandatory when so published (unless radar vectored).
  5. This time you'll do a "PARALLEL" ENTRY"
  6. Passing the NDB fly bearing 173 for one minute.
  7. Turn left & fly direct to the NDB ( maneuvering side = side of the race track)
  8. Passing the NDB, turn right and fly outbound (173) for one minute from passing abeam the NDB.
    Caution: IF you proceed direct to the NDB, your inbound heading (from doing a PARALLEL entry) will be about 310 This means, you'll have MORE than a 180 turn to complete outbound. Thus, you will end up in too close using a "standard rate turn" THEREFORE...you need to either hand fly at less than standard turn rate, OR roll out at about 090 & fly out for 15-20 seconds before completing your turn to 173
  9. Start timing your one minute from the time you are abeam the NDB outbound.
  10. After the one minute, turn right to join the 353 bearing inbound and execute an NDB approach.

Welcome To Salina, Kansas!


MDA will be 1740 feet

At 150 kts your time to MAP is 2:17

Rate of descent = feet to descent divided by time inbound.

3200 feet - 1273 [field elevation] = 1927 to descend divided by 2.3 minutes [150 kts] = 838 FPM descent.

This is a difficult lesson - you are welcome to fly it in stages if you prefer. If you have any questions, e-mail me. Anthony McKay, the Training Department Manager.

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