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Flt No. TP8901

Aircraft: BE-1900

Location: Wichita, KS (KICT)

Weather: your choice

Procedure: LOC BC approach with autopilot at Hutchinson, KS (KHUT).

         Depart KICT on runway 01L, turn left to HDG 290 and proceed direct to ICT VOR (113.8).  Climb to 4000 feet.

         Depart ICT VOR on 330 Radial

         When established on the ICT 330R, maintain your heading and tune NAV#1 to the KHUT LOC BC (110.1). Intercept the BC.

         When established on the LOC BC, descend to 3000 feet.


         Use HDG bug to remain on LOC ( rather than the BC mode on the AP/FD)

          Select flaps to position 1, and slow to approach speed.


         At FAF (the HUT VOR 082R - the tail of NAV#2) lower landing gear, and start a descent of about 650 fpm (this is for 130 kts).

         With visibility  set at 3 miles, you should see the RWY at 2.8 miles out.

         When RWY is in sight, select final flaps; final landing check, and follow the VASI

Welcome To Hutchinson!

REVERSE SENSING = Turn away from the needle to re-center on a BC approach.



After you land, and before you shut down the FlightSim program, hit the "Alt" key then select "Options" and then select "Flight Analysis" to see how you did. It will show the flight path you flew.


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