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Flt No. TN8904

Aircraft: BE-1900

Location: Garden City, KS (KGCK)

Weather: 2500 Overcast, Visibility 2mi, Winds calm

Fly an arc to an ILS approach

Depart GCK on RWY 35, turn right to join the GCK 039 Radial, then at 35 DME NE change to HYS VOR and track inbound on the 219 radial (039 inbound).  Join the 11 nm DME ARC Southwest of HYS, and Fly the ILS 34 approach as published.

APPROACH:  ILS RWY 34 (via the 11 nm DME ARC)

1.  Have NAV No. 1 set to the ILS, with the inbound course set in (339) & have the ADF set to the LOM (374).


2.  Have NAV No. 2 set to the HYS VOR (this is where the ARC is from) & have No. 2 RMI set to VOR.

3.  At 45 nm SW of HYS VOR descend to 4600 feet (MEA) at 1000 FPM.  At 22 DME descend to  4100 feet (MOCA) (in lieu of ATC minimum vector altitude) by 14 miles SW of HYS be slowed to 160.

4.  To intercept the 11 DME ARC, start a turn at 13 miles out, to a Hdg of 140.

5.  Use the Point of the No. 2 RMI needle (set to HYS VOR) to follow the ARC around as you watch your DME (11).  When you roll out on Hdg 140, the RMI Point should be off your left wing tip.

6.  When the RMI Point moves to about 5 degrees behind the wing tip,  turn left 10 degrees to (130).  This will put the Point about 5 degrees ahead of the wing tip again.  When 5 degrees behind the wing tip, turn left Hdg 120.  Watch the 11 DME.  Follow this procedure until the RMI Tail is on the 168 Radial, then turn left to Hdg 005 to intercept the LOC & proceed inbound. (Note: LR-168 means "Lead Radial")

7.  When established on the LOC, descend to 3400.

8.  When GS comes off the peg, lower flaps to pos. 1.

8.  Passing the LOM, lower the Ldg gear & set flaps to 1/2.  (Descent rate according to your groundspeed = the glide slope is 3 degrees, therefore: 120 kts = 600 fpm / 130 kts = 650 fpm / 140 kts = 700 fpm.)

9.  Straight-in ILS Minimums are 2193-1/2.

ALTITUDE:  11000 feet until 45 DME Southwest of HYS, then descend to 4600 feet until 22DME then 4100 feet.  When established on the ARC to 3800 feet.  Then 3400 feet when established on the LOC inbound.

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