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The "Labours of Hercules" of flight simulation, your ultimate challenge!

Have you got the gut to try it?

Are you interested by a very long-range rally? Do you like to fly props aircraft? Do you wish to visit remote and unusual places out of the ordinary traveler’s routes? Do you like to deal with all kinds of weather and situation?
If you can answer YES to most or some of these questions, then you could qualify for the new ROUND THE WORLD TRIP with a newly designed DHC6 aircraft with increased fuel tank’s capacity bringing its range over 1000 nm and a 12% power increase to restore its full STOL capacity despite the extra weight. A must for this challenge (freely downloadable from this page – link and picture below).?

It could maybe take you up to two years or maybe less than three months to complete the task. But in any case, this very demanding job is a unique experience that shall bring you a lot of expertise in the management of all the flight parameters linked with the handling and with the navigation of a twin engines prop aircraft.
Sometimes in Asia or South America, you will have to carefully plan your route, so as to use the valleys instead of having to climb to very high altitude to fly over the highest peaks. Yes, it is an adventure and you shall certainly meet some unpredictable situations. That’s part of the fun!

The best way to discover the World as it is, is to use real weather and seasons all along the tour and to set the aicrafts reality factors to real. Should you have an accident (crash) during the tour, you are allowed to restart from the beginning of the leg where it happened. Let say that you saved your life thanks to your parachute and that the company was forbiding enough to buying you a new aircraft (but not too frequently, please!).!

Why is SPA organising such a "Round the World" Tour?
The idea is to show the virtual SPA colours all over the virtual World, to catch the attention of the virtual public and the virtual medias on our virtual company.
That's good for virtual business and it could lead our development department to plan new routes in some places where there is a good demand for new virtual passengers and/or freight connections. Useless to say that your venue will be announced in the different places visited by the RTW tour and you should be welcomed by the press an local TV. Thus get ready for interviews and very virtual festivities.
By the way, there is an old section in the SPA forum called "Round the World Diary" where you can tell your virtual adventures during this great tour!

All pilots who will complete all the legs of the round trip aboard the SPA DHC6 Twin Otter will have their name added on the SPA HALL OF FAME's  AWARDS PAGE


... And another fabulous challenge for SPA fast acting pilots:
The glamourous Jules Verne Trophy will be presented to all pilots who will complete the tour within 80 days

Some very simple rules for Round the World Tour:

All legs must be flown using the SPA-DHC6 Twin Otter aircraft that has been modified (tanks 30% larger) to be able to fly the longest legs (downloadable from this page).
One should use normal computer speed setting for all flights, even those boring over sea sections (
A good opportunity to review your IFR navigational knowledge)
On airport without fuel facilities (very few) it is acceptable to "manually" fill the tanks  from the flightsim program.
When you have concluded the tour, just drop me a mail so that I can enter your name on the very exclusive
SPA Round the World DHC6 Twin Otter Tour, or even more glamourous, in the Jules Verne Trophy section (in this later option, just drop me a mail with you departure date when you start the first leg)

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