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Donations for the Saint Paul Airlines Website

In order to provide a home for all of us at St. Paul Airlines we need to rent space from a company to "host" our website (this includes the domain name "stpaulairlines.com"). While that isn't exactly cheap, it can certainly be made affordable if we all pitch in whatever we can!

This is NOT going to be made mandatory by the staff, but will instead be done on a voluntary basis. We ask that you consider donating to help keep St. Paul Airlines alive and on the internet! Simply click on the "Make a Donation" button below and you will be taken to Paypal, where we have set up an account to accept donations through credit cards. You will need to set up an account if you are new to Paypal, but it is quick and painless. If you prefer not to use Paypal and would rather send money directly (checks are welcome), please email Naresh Gurung at treasurer@stpaulairlines.com and he'll give you an address to send the money to.

PLEASE NOTE: All the money received will be used for the sole purpose of keeping St. Paul Airlines on the web! We are a non-profit organization.

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