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Flying on VATSIM with FSX

bill721 [11] Posted: 25.02.2016, 18:01

bill721 [12]

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Flying on VATSIM with FSX

The most realistic way to fly in FSX is flying on-line connected to the VATSIM network. For those of you that have never flown on VATSIM hereís a guide to assist you in getting started.

First what programs should you have before you start? Hereís a list of the programs I use. Iím sure there are others, however, this is a great place to start. They are all free except for FSX.

I didn't know we had a teamspeak connection we can use.... I'll look through the forums to see if I can find the connection info....

1. FSX of course.
2. Vat-Spy a program that shows the planet and all the VATSIM activity. It shows the Pilots, and controllers on line with the areas they cover.
3. Plan G for creating IFR flight plans and keeping track of your flight progress. Plan-G is also great for flying VFR flights.
4. VPilot allows you to connect to VATSIM so you can file flight plans, see what controllers are in your current location, and communicate to Controllers and other Pilots.

I suggest after you load the new programs you read how to use them and get familiar with them. Once you get a basic of understanding of the programs youíre ready for the next part. Loading Vpilot and connecting to the Vatsim network.

Open the Vat-Spy program and look for locations where controllers are active. Load FSX in a position where controllers are active. NOTE - Be sure your plane isnít on a runway. It should be parked at a parking location. Open the VPilot program and connect to the VATSIM network. Put on your head phones and Mic and LISTEN to the communications between Controllers and Pilots. Listen to Ground, Tower, Approach, and Center ATC. Begin to understand the format and procedures they use.

While listening to the communications go to the following locations and get documents and information for your flight plan planning. allows you to put in your current and destination airport, and gives you the most recent flight plans that have been utilized by other users. After determining the best flight plan to use go to and input the airports to get specific information for airport diagrams, departures, stars, and runway information.

After that get ready to take the first step in a new world. Begin communicating and flying on VATSIM.


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Bill Ditz SPA302

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Anonymous Posted: 26.02.2016, 10:39
Unregistered User Great information Bill! I used to fly on VATSIM too. I stopped mainly because there were no controllers where I flew.

I think the main deterrent for some, if not most, is intimidation. Some of those controllers can be pretty rude and some will go overboard to help. I had one situation where I didn't have enough fuel and required diversion. That ATC guy was super. I landed under his direction at a nearby airport and refueled.

I think a good break in to flying online at VATSIM is our own seldom used online server John provides. Along with TeamSpeak it makes a good learning experience when flying with others, plus the help you could be getting.

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bill721 [19] Posted: 26.02.2016, 14:34

bill721 [20]

registered: May. 2015
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I understand the intimidation piece. It's at time difficult keeping up with all the changing from one controller to another when still trying to fly the plane. The key is setting up early so your radios are tuned and you can easily switch channels. The Vat_Spy program really helps in that area since you can see who is on-line before you get to their air space....

Bill Ditz SPA302

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