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The Bright Edge Of The World

Oswald [12] Posted: 26.11.2017, 17:59

registered: Oct. 2017
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... is a marvellous novel by the Alaskan author Eowyn Ivey. It covers a tour done by a few American army guys in 1885 along the "Wolverine" river, the model of which is the Copper River south of Fairbanks, over the mountains and further to the Yukon, while his pregnant young wife stays home and discovers photography and other things.

If you follow the first legs of the Fairbanks Postal Service route and then leave from Black Rapids (5BK) to the south (e.g. CXC > PACV > KGZ > 5BK) you get an idea of the beautyful region covered by the novel. A very rewarding flight is from PACV to KGZ, a tiny airstrip deep in a valley, not easy to find on a misty late autumn day with snow on the ground and in the air ...

I much recommend this extra tour and even more the novel for those of you who like Alaska, adventure and thoughtful literature.

Great to be here with St. Paul's and to discover the Bush Ops flight routes!


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jer029 [17] Posted: 26.11.2017, 19:23

jer029 [18]

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Thanks Oswald,

I'll have to check that out, and hopefully other pilots will also.   Let's see some pics from your FlightGear simulator and maybe some SPA pilots will share their FTX/Orbx scenery photos of the similar route.  I'll have to check out both the book and the flight - as several of my Adventure Pack adventures are based on books - often crash-related books, which tends to be an interest of mine.

While I can't develop scenery for FlightGear (yet), you might find the books interesting.


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