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How to setup TSCOMSET for our online ATC flights?

YETIV8R [12] Posted: 03.08.2006, 13:51

YETIV8R [13]

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Here is the long awaited tutorial on using TSCOMSET. Sorry for the delay. :-P

[color=blue]So what is TSCOMSET?[/color]

It is a small tool that runs in the background and acts as a bridge between MSFS9 COM1 radio and Teamspeak.
You can switch between TS channels via COM1 radio without ever leaving MSFS.
Hence the name TSCOMSET.

Say, if the ATC instructs you to 'contact departure at 125.70', all you have to do is to change the COM1 frequency
to 125.70 and walla you are connected to that channel in Teamspeak.

I'm sorry I can not confirm the same in FS2002. But please do try this and let me know.
I'm sure it should work (only PC, no mac).

First of all, you will need a separate registered account (not ID) to log in to Teamspeak
[b][color=red]You must not login as anonymous for TSCOMSET to work.[/color][/b]


So, if you do not have Teamspeak account yet, please contact the webmaster for your personal registered ID.

I'm assuming you already have TEAMSPEAK installed on your machine. Please refer to this link if you have not. [14]

You can download TSCOMSET from here:Utilities Download [15]

[color=blue][size=large][b]1.[/b][/size][/color] Please download the zip file and extract it to any folder.

[color=blue][size=large][b]2. [/b][/size][/color]You will have five files in that folder. Please open TScomset.txt file with Notepad.

Now we need to change the default ID and passwords to your ID+Password.
Let's select Edit/Replace:

Enter your TS registered ID:

Confirm it replaces all the default IDs:

Then please replace the 'TYPE PASSWORD' with your pass.

And confirm they are replaced.

[color=darkred][b]Now it is time to save the file. Do not forget to do this.[/b][/color]

[color=blue][size=large][b]3.[/b][/size][/color]Let's create a shortcut in desktop.


[color=blue][size=large][b]4.[/b][/size][/color]Double click on the shortcut and you will see the message if it was your first time installing TSCOMSET.


Please locate your Teamspeak installation folder and hit ok.

[color=blue][size=large][b]5.[/b][/size][/color]Next you will be asked to install FSUIPC. If you already have FSUIPC in your module folder, please hit no.
The is packaged with FSUIPC version If you have older version, you may want to hit "Yes".


[color=blue][size=large][b]6.[/b][/size][/color]This is self explanatory.

[color=blue][size=large][b]7.[/b][/size][/color]Enter your session name. It does not matter what you type here.

You will obviously see this message(FS9 not running), just close TSCOMSET.

[color=blue][size=large][b]8.[/b][/size]Remember always make sure FS9 is running before your open TSCOMSET[/color]
Open FS9 and when you have the 'Create Flight' menu, open TSCOMSET from your windows desktop.

You will see that TSCOMSET windows does not say "can't connect" anymore.

[color=blue][size=large][b]9.[/b][/size][/color]Now we are all set, you can switch to FS9 full mode if you want to. Open or create a flight.
Teamspeak will automatically open in the background and switch to PIlot's Pub in TS.

When the ATC gives you frequency, you just change it in your COM1 radio and you will be automatically switched
to that channel.


That's it. Hope I did not bore you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or just post your questions here.


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