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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  MSFS Tweaks ::  Changing the name of addon aircraft?
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Changing the name of addon aircraft?

Anonymous Posted: 04.08.2009, 00:47
Unregistered User I've noticed that my collection of addon aircraft in FSX has gotten quite unruly. Partly this is just due to the large number of aircraft, but it's also due to inconsistent naming of aircraft. For example: I have a CamSim Airbus 360. In the selection screen, rather than being up there with the other Airbuses, it's down in the C's! So my question is: how do I go about renaming this(and other aircraft) so that my collection will once again have order?
Kiwiviator Posted: 04.08.2009, 06:10


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Open the file called "aircraft.cfg" in the main folder in notepad. Look for the words "CamSim Airbus 360" and rename it to Airbus 360 or whatever you want to call it. Save and close the file. Do this to each aircraft that you want to rename.

Capt Paul
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Anonymous Posted: 04.08.2009, 08:25
Unregistered User Ohhh, alright. I had snooped around in that file, and it didn't seem to be connected to the selection screen. Now I see it is. Thank you

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