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Flight control

Anonymous Posted: 20.05.2010, 10:51
Unregistered User Greetings to all

I'm a FS9 user and have a CHproducts flight youke, and have been having some problems. I thought I might drop a line here to see if anyone can help.

I've been experiencing a lot of sensitivity on the elevator contols. I so much as touch the flight youke the plane reacts instantly. I mean, there's no null zone and when the elevators act, it's like I've pushed/pulled the youke to the stops!
I've been trying different combinations on the realism settings as well as on the slider bars for joystick sensitivity/null zones. I've even went so far as editing the [fligh_tuning] section on the aircraft.cfg file for some planes (lowering the elevator effectiveness). Next, I tried re-callibrating the youke, but that didn't help. I've tried a diffrent a joystick, but it still happens... It's frustrating to try doing a nice smood turn or climb or approach and the plane keeps jumping around the sky!! :-x

My question: is there anything/anywhere on th FS config file the I can edit to stop this from hapening? Does anybody have an idea? ...or should I just take a sledghammer to the silly thing?? :evil:

Thanks in advance, guys
Ricardo Rodrigues
YETIV8R Posted: 21.05.2010, 11:30


registered: Jan. 2006
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last visit: 04.09.13
Sorry to hear that Ricardo. I know how you feel.

Does this happen to only one aircraft or any aircraft you fly?

You have done pretty much most of the things I would have done. One more thing I would do is to reinstall the yoke drivers.

I do not have the CHproducts Yoke. I have Saitek one.

Please let me know how that works for you.

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Anonymous Posted: 21.05.2010, 12:35
Unregistered User Off course!!! :-O
I completely forgot about drivers!! I guess that's what you get for beeing used to 'plug and play'... althoug I still remember when you'd have to instal each and every thing with floppy disks, cd-rom, etc...
I'll download the drivers and give it a try.

Thanks a million, Naresh

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