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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Fleet Issues ::  A330-200 question?
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A330-200 question?

apilot112 Posted: 27.07.2010, 16:23


registered: Jul. 2010
Posts: 23

Status: offline
last visit: 24.04.15
I know I'm not at cat 6 yet I have about little over 10 more hours to go but I decided to install the airplanes for the next cat to make sure they would work so I wouldn't have any problems latter. The 757 and 767 work perfect but the A330 has this one small problem which I don't know how to fix.

well i tried to put a picture up but i'm not to how you say confident with html or what not to make it work but the problem is that when clicked on in preview and in the game the whole fuselage except for the wings not including engines is clear you can see through the whole airplane. Maybe its a bad file or doesn't like it on my computer i don't know. :-?

so thank you for any help you may know of I truely appreciate it.
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Anonymous Posted: 27.07.2010, 19:01
Unregistered User I have it installed on my computer and it works perfectly Paul...maybe try to reinstall it or dowmload the file again and reinstall....that's all I can think of!

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