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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Website/Forum/Picture Gallery Support ::  FsPassengers?
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Anonymous Posted: 27.08.2011, 12:26
Unregistered User Does St Paul support pirep filing via FSPassengers? and if so where can i locate the config file?
Yoland Posted: 27.08.2011, 12:48


registered: Jul. 2008
Posts: 1382

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last visit: 18.01.19
As FSPassengers is not a freeware we are not using this program in connection with PIREP submission. But you can use FSACARS for automatic PIREP submission in connection with your use of FSPassengers. Maybe Naresh can give you a better technical answer, but my opinion is that a VA should operate with freewares... :confused:

Yoland Grosjean from Switzerland - SPA 348
- CEO St Paul Airlines VA (ceo@stpaulairlines.com)
- Special Operations manager
- SPA Fleet manager
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