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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  MSFS Tweaks ::  Problems FS9
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Problems FS9

Anonymous Posted: 04.09.2011, 16:15
Unregistered User Have been using FSX a lot recently, but wanted to use FS9 and when I try to load it I get the main screen and then I get a brief view of the screen for selecting aircraft and then it is closed just like I never tried to load it.

Any ideas :-? :-? ,
Bob M
Westcoast Posted: 04.09.2011, 16:44


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 965

Status: offline
last visit: 15.10.18
Wish I could tell you Bob, I've had the same thing happen with my FS9 on my old desktp machine. I have no idea why and I haven't had any time to work that particular problem. Anybody else have any ideas?


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airhogg Posted: 04.09.2011, 17:25

registered: Feb. 2010
Posts: 71

Status: offline
last visit: 21.09.18
hello Bob_m:
when l had my old computer system, l had a simular problem, except the main screen would load, and that was it. then it would go back to my main page. if l recall, l defrag my hrdrv, uninstalled my fs9 with the no.1 disk, then had to re-install it again. if you have to re-install it again, make sure you don`t have duplicate files.
hop this helps.

larry (airhogg) :-(
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Anonymous Posted: 04.09.2011, 19:02
Unregistered User Thanks guys, I have reinstalled with no success.
jdob2008 Posted: 04.09.2011, 19:12

registered: Mar. 2008
Posts: 12

Status: offline
last visit: 02.10.11
Do you have Windows7? If so,is FS9 in the 32byte section?
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Anonymous Posted: 04.09.2011, 20:13
Unregistered User I do have windows 7. I upgraded from vista 32.
It has run perfect untill the last couple of days
airhogg Posted: 05.09.2011, 09:01

registered: Feb. 2010
Posts: 71

Status: offline
last visit: 21.09.18
bob: l also have windows 7, and when l installed my fs9, after it was all installed, my program asked me if l wanted it to run on "the recommended settings". l click yes, and that`s how i`m running my fs9 with no problem. if you don`t see that, then you will have to click "start", then go to microsoft flt sim 2004 game file, scroll down to the third file "mic. flt sim 2004", right click on "troubleshoot combatibility" then click on "recommended setting". that should correct the problem.
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Anonymous Posted: 05.09.2011, 11:24
Unregistered User I did the above with no success. I realized I started having problems right after I downloaded an aircraft for FSX (from abacus should have known better) and I have the feeling that it affected my FS9 .dll file, whatever that is.

Bob M

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