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Start ::  SPA Regular Hubs ::  Miami Hub Notices ::  Robert R. Promoted Again!
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Robert R. Promoted Again!

SPA118 Posted: 06.09.2011, 20:05

registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 579

Status: offline
last visit: 21.07.14
First, I need to apologize. With working full time AND going to school full time, its been hard keeping up with the pile of paperwork accumulating in my office at SPA headquarters. That being said, Robert R. has been promoted again, this time to Senior Captain! In just under a month and a half, Robert has gone from CFO to Senior Captain. In a couple more days, he'll be running this joint! "Congratulations" is an understatement, I think. Helluva job fits more appropriately! Really, way to go and thanks for supporting our little club. Tea and scrumpets are on me in the pub! (BYOB :prost: :prost: :prost: )

Eric M. Eder, SPA118
Miami Hub Manager

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RoBear Posted: 06.09.2011, 21:16

registered: Jul. 2011
Posts: 77

Status: offline
last visit: 21.07.15
Just having a good time! 8-) That last part sounds good. Be there shortly :dance:

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Tredi007 Posted: 07.09.2011, 03:56


registered: Jul. 2010
Posts: 33

Status: offline
last visit: 27.01.13
Well done from across the Pond!
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SPA031 Posted: 05.10.2011, 11:35


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1125

Status: offline
last visit: 09.12.18
Glad to see this. I am flying a Cessna 206 Amphibian in the Caribbean. Just made it to Spanish Key to drop off medical supplies. Love the weather ths time of year. 8-)
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RoBear Posted: 05.10.2011, 12:43

registered: Jul. 2011
Posts: 77

Status: offline
last visit: 21.07.15
Robert, if you want some more genuine fun .. do the Florida Sea Plane series, making a complete set of flights all the way around the perimeter of the US.

I'm about 10 or so from the end and have run into some really challenging flights, punctuated with some delightful scenery at every landing done by MoCat.

I've taken a screen-cap at every port, but haven't figured out how to put them up yet.

It is a delightful series for water lovers!

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Yoland Posted: 05.10.2011, 17:41


registered: Jul. 2008
Posts: 1378

Status: offline
last visit: 27.10.18
Great to see you climbing the rank's ladder so fast. I will try to keep to your pace and offer new challenges to your incredible flight’s hunger!

Yoland Grosjean from Switzerland - SPA 348
- CEO St Paul Airlines VA (ceo@stpaulairlines.com)
- Special Operations manager
- SPA Fleet manager
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