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Start ::  SPA Regular Hubs ::  Minneapolis Hub Notices ::  MSP Hub Awards for Sept. 2011
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MSP Hub Awards for Sept. 2011

Westcoast Posted: 01.10.2011, 18:19


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 970

Status: offline
last visit: 14.12.18
This month both the yellow flight suit (most hours) and the green flight suit (most sorties) go to Fleet Captain James Dobratz with 41.1 hours and 27 sorties. I know, I know ... I said the same pilot couldn't win both awards, but James has so many more hours and so many more sorties than any other pilot that it just seems fair in this case. Congratulations James on a great month. The white flight suit (most active new pilot under the rank of Capt.) goes to Commuter First Officer Roman Bussem with 7 sorties. Congratulations Roman; you're off to a great start.

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Edwardm9350 Posted: 01.10.2011, 20:44


registered: Jul. 2009
Posts: 18

Status: offline
last visit: 24.08.14
Congrats Captain JD. Are you a little "rump sprung" after so many hours in the air?
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jdob2008 Posted: 02.10.2011, 10:24

registered: Mar. 2008
Posts: 12

Status: offline
last visit: 02.10.11
Thank you so much for the flight suits, as I wear them always when flying. Since I finally got RC reinstalled on Windows7, I am enjoying flying a lot more. And yes, my rump is really getting sprung.
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