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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Suggestions/tips/comments ::  Landing Training Environment
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Landing Training Environment

Yoland Posted: 22.01.2012, 09:35


registered: Jul. 2008
Posts: 1378

Status: offline
last visit: 27.10.18
May I suggest a very nice FREE addon that will help you to train for perfect landings...
Here is what it says:
[i]Lord of the Landing V1.6 : Landing Training Environment for FSX. A SimConnect application to help repeated landing training in various weather conditions, and analyze and evaluate your landing data. 3 main functions are : (1) Position Set. You can move instantly to final approach course of ANY runway of ANY airport in the world(e.g. KLAX 25L 4NM 1200ft). (2) Weather Set. You can change weather condition by setting METAR(e.g. CAVOK, Windy, Rainy, Turbulence, Low Visibility). (3) Landing Report. Analyze, evaluate and display your landing data(V/S, Flare Distance, Centerline Deviation, Pitch, Bank, Sideslip angle, Max V/S). [/i]

Free download from: [url]http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=165171[/url]

... For FSX... I did not test on FS9, needs simconnect.

Yoland Grosjean from Switzerland - SPA 348
- CEO St Paul Airlines VA (ceo@stpaulairlines.com)
- Special Operations manager
- SPA Fleet manager
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Westcoast Posted: 22.01.2012, 13:38


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 970

Status: offline
last visit: 14.12.18
That looks like a really interesting addon Yoland. Thanks for finding that.


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santiago Posted: 23.01.2012, 11:38


registered: Jan. 2012
Posts: 5

Status: offline
last visit: 13.06.12
So Nice. ;-)
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RoBear Posted: 23.01.2012, 12:09

registered: Jul. 2011
Posts: 77

Status: offline
last visit: 21.07.15
Neat. Thanks for the headsup!

Now, they just need to add damage estimates for the less than smooth amongst us! :-D

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dct21944 Posted: 10.02.2012, 12:31


registered: Jan. 2011
Posts: 4

Status: offline
last visit: 10.02.12
Yoland:This program is a great one for sure, I downloaded it and it works great only thing I found is that it doesn't like 3 point landings in tail draggers, other than that a great program, I use it for practice on the A/C I don't usually fly, and some that I do, takes all the time out of having to take off and get into landiing position, have a great day sir.

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