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Start ::  Special Ops Division ::  Special Ops Online Multiplayers Flights ::  Special VOR-DME Multiplayer Hop-list Flight - Sun 11-23-14 at 2100 Zulu.
Moderated by: Yoland


Special VOR-DME Multiplayer Hop-list Flight - Sun 11-23-14 at 2100 Zulu.

jer029 Posted: 17.11.2014, 12:10


registered: Nov. 2011
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Welcome to the next SPA Multiplayer Flight hosted by Larry and John.

DME gauge

This flight is a departure from the normal VFR-Bush flights that we've been doing so there is no flight plan to download.

Dust off your DME gauge as this flight combines some navigational fun and a bit of a treasure hunt along with the VFR flying we've done on other multiplayer flights.

I’ve created a 9-airport hoplist (kind of a VOR/DME treasure hunt). It’s best for twin-engine turbos or faster single engine STOL aircraft - but all must have DME navigational equipment, and must be flown in VFR conditions so you can see the airfields – I find the Turbo Duke to be ideal for this. The Aero Commander in the SPA fleet should also work well for this.

We start at the KMSP hub and go north through MN and Wisconsin. Pilots need to log into the SPA backup FSHost Server:

FSHost Server: port 26000


Clicking on ‘search’ with this IP and port address will bring up my SPA multiplayer server. Connect using the password “rogers”.

Once positioned anywhere at KMSP, enter the command ‘?hop’ in the fshost text entry area and it will give you the first vor/dme directions to ‘find’ the destination airport. When the pilot lands at the correct airport fshost will give a message indicating this and then give the next navigational directions. This flight takes about 2-hours in my Turbo Duke and covers about 179 miles I believe. At least one of the VOR radials will require the pilot to enter the reciprocal of that listed in order to fly ‘from’ or ‘to’ as indicated on the instructions - so watch for that.

We will do this flight together on Sunday and can help pilots just learning DME navigation, but feel free to log on to the server and test it out (or brush up on your DME tracking skills).

Join us on Sunday at 2100 Zulu for the fun - Just look at the top of the SPA page and you can see what Zulu time is - then compare it with your local time. When it says Sunday at 2100 on the SPA page we fly!

A last reminder - this will be using the FSHost server listed above, but we will still talk on the regular SPA teamspeak servers listed on the home page.

Let's fly!


edited by: jer029, Nov 24, 2014 - 11:24 AM

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