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Anonymous Posted: 10.09.2015, 11:05
Unregistered User Hello. New member here and just learning my way around SPA. I did happen to notice that SPAACARS starts at the release of the brakes and ends at the next setting of the brake. I fly utilizing the FSX ATC (as poor as it is) and use the GroundHandling system installed in all my aircraft for handling pushback and taxi. In doing so during pushback, the user is required to release the parking brake prior to pushback and again after pushback prior to taxi.

I would assume that I will need to start SPAACARS after pushback and before taxi, is this correct and are you planning to start recording on a different trigger in the future?
jer029 Posted: 10.09.2015, 21:54


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 949

Status: offline
last visit: 22.05.19
All suggestions are possible Steve! I think you'll find I accommodated for this a bit right off though. Park brake on and off won't stop your flight till after you were airborne and land. The first park brake after landing will stop the flight. Some improvements in this area also a possibility.


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Westcoast Posted: 10.09.2015, 22:13


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1002

Status: offline
last visit: 22.05.19

I think that John has answered your question. Another option would be to do as you suggest and defer starting SPAACARs until you have reset your parking brake after pushback.

Mike Daugherty
MSP Hub Manager
Acting MIA Hub Manager

edited by: Westcoast, Sep 10, 2015 - 08:23 PM

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Anonymous Posted: 11.09.2015, 09:55
Unregistered User Thanks guys. Will give it a shot as soon as I get the .ini file for SPAACARS.
jer029 Posted: 11.09.2015, 14:55


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 949

Status: offline
last visit: 22.05.19

The ini files are available from the Config files section in the download area that is accessible after log-on. The ini file is same as that listed for FSACARS (they both use the same ini file).


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Anonymous Posted: 12.09.2015, 12:46
Unregistered User got it, thanks

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