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Moderated by: Yoland


Morning Online Flights

Anonymous Posted: 15.09.2015, 14:06
Unregistered User Looking for anyone interested in flying online and on TeamSpeak mornings during the week. My flying buddy (Larry McFadden) often meet on TS and are looking for others who want to fly and talk with us. We are new here, but have enjoyed flying together for years and are looking for some new blood.
jer029 Posted: 18.09.2015, 13:48


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 824

Status: offline
last visit: 22.10.18
I'd be interested, and perhaps Larry Chew (airhogg) would also. My schedule is pretty flexible except for Wed. mornings right now, so...depending on the day of the week and time, count me in.

I would like to do some discovery flights using the Misty Mooring scenery. Great stuff - and free except for the Tongas and Pacific Fijords. A small price to pay to intermingle with the Misty freeware scenery and some wonderful flights.

Note to interested pilots - I believe this the non-ATC protocol and casual conversation flights between pilots as can be seen on earlier MP flights Larry and I hosted. So...no fears of looking silly or saying something that doesn't conform to official ATC-Pilot talk.

And if you crash your plane now and again - well, we all do this too. If I had a nickel for every time I crashed my plane, why I could afford to buy a real plane and learn how to fly it :lol: .


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Anonymous Posted: 18.09.2015, 18:44
Unregistered User Absolutely, no ATC, uncontrolled field rule may apply. Fun however, is mandatory! Larry and I always fly with crash off. Too many crazy airport staff driving around.

edited by: BBQSteve, Sep 18, 2015 - 06:45 PM
airhogg Posted: 21.09.2015, 16:17

registered: Feb. 2010
Posts: 71

Status: offline
last visit: 21.09.18
If you don`t mind another Larry flying with you guys, 1`m for that. Just let me know the Date and Time and if I don`t have anything to do l`ll join you.


edited by: airhogg, Sep 21, 2015 - 05:17 PM
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Anonymous Posted: 21.09.2015, 20:30
Unregistered User Glad to have you Larry. Every morning you can attend. At least one of us are there on TeamSpeak. It's nothing planned or formal, just fun.

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