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SPAACARS Version 2.3.4 Released

jer029 Posted: 05.01.2016, 13:16


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 824

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last visit: 22.10.18

Version 2.3.4 is released now. This corrects an error recording flight time (duration) if you use the "Resume Flight" function after an unexpected FSX simulator crash during your flight. The error occurred when the Zulu date changed to the next day during your flight (ie. flight started on 1-4-15 at 2355 Zulu, and your simulator crashed during flight at 0015 on 1-5-15). Upon restart of your simulator and using SPAACARS "Resume Flight" option, SPAACARS caused error calculating duration by not noting the date change from 1-4-15 to 1-5-15. This version should correct that problem.

As a reminder, those who must use the resume option should make sure their plane is in flight and configured as best as can be remembered (including altitude) prior to sim crash, and you should turn your sim's plane crash detect to 'off' also prior to clicking the resume button. SPAACARS will try to place your aircraft at it's last position prior to crash - after an automatic pause of your sim and a slew mode. The sim will automatically 'unpause' FSX and a few seconds later will show the reload scenery dialog - this signals the final reset of date and time to match the pre-crash date and time. At that point you may resume control of the aircraft and continue your flight.

Due to complex payware aircraft, this reset process sometimes malfunctions and the altitude is not reset to post-crash setting. This is the most important setting to manually set before using 'resume flight' option.

A final suggestion; After a "Resume Flight", it's advisable to review the SPAACARS flight log and ensure that the data to be sent is accurate for your flight. You can use the "Save Flight Data to text file" option in SPAACARS to view the data if you wish also. Opening that text file will display all your flight data that SPAACARS will be sending to SPA.

Let me know if you have questions or problems.

Thanks for your patience and help making SPAACARS be the best that it can be,


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