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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  SPAACARS Updates Issues Suggestions ::  spa.ini file creation
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spa.ini file creation

Eagleman Posted: 20.03.2016, 19:49

registered: Jun. 2009
Posts: 32

Status: offline
last visit: 01.05.16
I have never used spaacars before but would like to. Where do I get the spa.ini file?
The manual has this instruction "Move your SPA.ini file (same file you used for FSACARS) into the unzipped SPAACARS folder."

Do I need to first load FSACARS? I have never used FSACARS.

Rod B
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jer029 Posted: 20.03.2016, 20:34


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 842

Status: offline
last visit: 12.12.18
Hello Rod,

Once you've logged to the SPA website you will see under the 'main menu' area on the left under 'download' a link called 'configuration files'. This is only visible to logged in users. That link takes you to configuration file downloads. click the one called FSACARS (spa.ini) and then the download button. That is the ini file that is referred to, and it will tailor to your pilot information before it downloads to you.

If you have problems, just watch for Steve and Larry on TeamSpeak and they'll probably be happy to help you with any additional issues in real-time. Otherwise just let me know if you have further questions - here in the forum or by email. It's just much faster to be able to talk to someone as you're working on it.


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Eagleman Posted: 20.03.2016, 21:33

registered: Jun. 2009
Posts: 32

Status: offline
last visit: 01.05.16
John, Thank you that works.
Much Appreciated.
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