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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Suggestions/tips/comments ::  Further comment about the AWARDS system (in Pilot's Office)
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Further comment about the AWARDS system (in Pilot's Office)

Yoland Posted: 05.05.2016, 17:04


registered: Jul. 2008
Posts: 1379

Status: offline
last visit: 17.10.18
Some words about the AWARD system found under #1 in pilot’s office:

1. This system was introduced at the very beginning of the company, when nobody had flight hours. If you go to the statistics page (homepage) you will see that during the first 3 years the SPA pilots, all together, flew between 320 and 440 flights a year. A very, very low record.
2. At this time, when the AWARDS page was opened, one and two thousand flight’s hours appeared as an almost impossible dream requiring a specific award.
3. Times have changed and today we have about 30 active pilots who have accumulated more than 1000 or 2000 flight hours. I do not say that these are not great results, but once we had 12 pilots in this AWARDS hall of fame, the interest for this type of award just based on the flights hours diminished and we stopped to registering further pilots on these panels.
4. The other AWARDS mentioned on this page, “Distinctive Service” and “Golden Thermos” concern exclusively our people who have dedicated a lot of time to the building and the development of St Paul Airlines: web designers, hub managers, fleet designers, development of new sections, etc. Mostly behind the scene activities which keep SPA moving and alive.
5. I forgot it, but as CEO of the company I decided that a new name should be recorded in both the Distinctive Service and Golden Thermos Award page: our dear webmaster and developer John Rogers.
6. My feelings about pilot’s awards: Most flight simmers and especially those flying for a virtual airline are constantly calling for “realism” in this activity. Considering this clear option one must admit that, in the real World, one has never seen a pilot receiving an award because he flew a regular flight or a mission. Normally he is paid for his work (like a truck or a bus driver) or he does it for his own pleasure. But no medals, no national anthem and no glory. Just a normally well paid regular work.
7. Considering point #6, if some years ago I introduced an award system with specific ribbons for some special operations missions, I realized that keeping a record of everything, creating new ribbons, contacting the pilots, publishing dedicated pages, sorting PIREP, filling files, etc., was a considerable daily task (yes every day!). As I have a very rich real life and lots of activities, I just gave up when we had a major web site failure and had more important matters to solve. Presently, I do not want to take care of any award system anymore. A good working system is anyway an “unrealistic contraption” and really requires too much work for what it brings…


Yoland Grosjean from Switzerland - SPA 348
- CEO St Paul Airlines VA (ceo@stpaulairlines.com)
- Special Operations manager
- SPA Fleet manager
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jer029 Posted: 06.05.2016, 09:14


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 823

Status: offline
last visit: 22.10.18
Thanks for the kind words Yoland. I'm in agreement with Yoland (and Terry's) responses in the related thread.

Terry is right that this is a 'laid-back' airline and we've tried to keep rules and rigidity to a minimum so that pilots can be free to fly where and what they please.

Yoland's information regarding the operation of this VA is most important for pilots to understand. The volunteer efforts of Mike, Yoland and I are currently the force that keeps the "behind the scenes" operation running.

All of the Bush flights and colorful pages are Yoland's work, including his partnering with Misty Moorings so that Misty flights and scenery might be incorporated into our pilot's pireps.

Mike currently runs both the MIA and MSP hubs, and has been responsible for all the regular hub flight schedules that are in the database searchable under "flight schedules" in the Pilot's Office.

Keeping in mind that we probably got into this thing like the rest of you (because we like to fly our simulators), and that we also have other things going on outside of flight-simming, changes to the current operation always comes with more time commitment both for the initial setup, and sometimes additional maintenance.

That said, I'm always interested in what our pilots would like to see here at SPA that would enhance their experience and perhaps bring in even more pilots. Please realize however that what you say and how you say it - especially in a public forum can affect how your message is interpreted. For those whose posts tend toward complaining and sarcasm, I urge you to construct your posts with more care. While this might seem a bit nitpicky or overly sensitive, as Yoland points out, our only compensation for our time volunteered here is seeing the pilots enjoying flying here as much as we do. Pilots flying here and the occasional kind word means a lot to us. Demands, complaints and sarcasm (intended or not) show ingratitude for the many hours of hard work we've given.

While I've deleted several threads of this nature because I think the reflect poorly on our VA for guests who might consider flying with us, I've let this one run its course because I think it's important for pilots to be reminded now and again that there are real people with feelings volunteering lots of time to keep this site running and enjoyable.

Finally, another plug for succession planning here at SPA. We still have an opening for MIA hub Mgr. That position requires very little computer background, although the more you know, the more you might add bells and whistles to your hub as Yoland has with the Special Ops area. Also, I wouldn't mind having an assistant Webmaster either, but that position would require some knowledge of PHP and HTML code and Database SQL.


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