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Anonymous Posted: 14.11.2016, 15:09
Unregistered User Does anyone use SPAACARS with FS9? I assume it is for FSX only.
Anonymous Posted: 15.11.2016, 09:18
Unregistered User Jim, I'm going to ask an obvious question here, but are you running FSUIPC? It is required for SPAACARS to work.
Anonymous Posted: 15.11.2016, 10:59
Unregistered User Yes. I am running FSUIPC for FS9. The problem seems to be that SPAACARS can't find my flight plan files. I think it is looking for the FSX location, which is different from the FS9 location. Is there a workaround for this, or am I just going to have to use FSACARS?Smilie icon_confused
Anonymous Posted: 15.11.2016, 11:48
Unregistered User Well I suppose you could create a folder in Documents that is "Flight Simulator X" and copy your plans there and fly, but I would think that you should be able to point SPAACARS to it at install or an .ini file. John will have to field this one.

Oh, wait a minute, your plan would be loaded into FS9 for ACARS to read. JOHN!

edited by: BBQSteve, Nov 15, 2016 - 12:53 PM
jer029 Posted: 15.11.2016, 15:33


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 822

Status: offline
last visit: 16.10.18
Jim,  While I believe that FSACARS would work - since it could load flight fS-9 plans where it would not load FSX plans,  I think you are right about SPAACARS flight plan issue, as I did  not attempt to read an FS-9 flight plan with it.  I can probably write some additional code to recognize FS-9 flight plans, but I'm not sure how many pilots still fly with that software.

The work around is of course to manually enter your flight plan data and any other missing entries into the fields of SPAACARS program main page. 

I'm not sure if the rest of SPAACARS will work with FS-9 either, so you'd probably want to try just manually typing in the various data fields on the main SPAACARS fields until you get the necessary data entered (which will enable the "Start Log" button so you can push it and log your flight, then see how much will work with FS-9 when actually flying.

It's been a while since I wrote that program and I forget all the details - especially related to compatibility with earlier MS Flight Sims.  If it would just be a matter of finding the FS-9 flight plan, that wouldn't be too bad, but if the data file is significantly different than FSX I would have to parse another set of flight plans.  Any such efforts are probably not worth it if I have to substantially rewrite the program to make the rest of the features work with FS-9 if even with a flight plan manually added the program won't properly record and sent the flight data to SPA website.

So...if you wish to try it out and manually enter the flight plan data fields, then it should let you proceed with starting your flight log.  Then we can see if it properly sends your flight when you're done flying.

Problem is that I don't have FS-9 with which to test out any changes I might make to SPAACARS, but if the rest of SPAACARS works with your FS-9 when you manually enter the flight plan data, all I would need to know is where your flight plans are saved and then have you email a copy of an FS-9 plan so that I can make SPAACARS find, load and parse the flight plan - and I should be able to do that without having a version of FS-9 to test with.


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Anonymous Posted: 15.11.2016, 16:19
Unregistered User Appreciate the response and concern. John, 0 don't think it would be worth it for you to write the code, as I am probably the only fs pilot in the english-speaking world using fs9.
I tried to make a dummy folder, and put the files in, but it still didn't work.
I'll just use FSACARS and be happy.
Thanks to both of you for your help.
jer029 Posted: 15.11.2016, 18:17


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 822

Status: offline
last visit: 16.10.18
Whatever works best for you Jim.  As long as you have SPAACARS installed you might try running it after adding your data manually.  While only SPAACARS can do economic module, the freeware FSACARS and payware FSFK - FS Flight Keeper will do auto uploads of your PIREPs.

I'm always willing to try and accommodate our pilots - as much as this old retired  law dog can learn new tricks.

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