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Start ::  Special Ops Division ::  Special Operations Job Postings ::  New Special Operations Online Flying Club
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New Special Operations Online Flying Club

Anonymous Posted: 08.06.2017, 12:48
Unregistered User Hello, in case you don't know me, I am Steve Stevens aka "BBQSteve". I have been asked by our CEO, Yoland Grosjean, to lead the way in what I hope to be a fun filled online flying experience. There have been several of us who have been flying together for quite some time now and recently others of you have joined us. Well now we have our own little club within the SPA organization. If you have not noticed, we also have our own little corner here under the Special Operations menu on the far left side of the pages entitled "Flying Club" where I will be posting our once in awhile official get together's. We will be doing short (approx. 2 hours or less) flights to various locations which may or may not coincide with real world fly ins, or highest airports, shortest runways, Alaskan site seeing, or any number of locations and out of the way places.

We hope that you will join us, rules are simple, have fun! Sometimes we will suggest a particular airframe or type and other times it will be up to you. We will try to recommend freeware scenery in some cases where it will add to the adventure and it is at your option to use it or not. We do highly recommend Misty Mooring freeware and ORBX products to enhance your experience, but again not a must.

Our first flight is scheduled for 24 June, at 1700 GMT. We will takeoff from Minneapolis-St. Paul (KMSP) for Arrive Foss, Sioux Falls (KSFD). You may say "Where the heck is that?" or "Why there?" Mainly because I haven't been there and you probably haven't either. It is a short flight and will give all of us a chance to get to know each other and have some fun. I am sure our St-Paul photographers will show up and you will soon see photos on the website homepage.

You will be required to download and install two pieces of software. The first should be the TeamSpeak 3 Client from their website and the second, JoinFS from their site. Links to both are on our webpage for your finding ease. Any assistance required, just ask either in the forums or by private message.

So gather your software, planes, scenery, maps and a cold one and join us on a new adventure together! Hope to see you there. 
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bilson Posted: 08.06.2017, 18:27


registered: Apr. 2017
Posts: 87

Status: offline
last visit: 13.12.18
What's going to be on the Barbie when we land Steve? 

Bill Carlson #660
MSP Hub Mgr
VATSIM 1256470 Call Sign SP660
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Anonymous Posted: 08.06.2017, 19:41
Unregistered User Hmmm............. let's see Bill. How about a couple of big ole' pork butts, baked beans, coleslaw and corn bread. Cold drinks in the tub and best of all, Yoland is buying!

BTW, when I get back, I need to talk to you, please. 
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Yoland Posted: 08.06.2017, 21:38


registered: Jul. 2008
Posts: 1378

Status: offline
last visit: 27.10.18
I warmly encourage our pilots to join the SPA FLYING CLUB activities. The captain of the club, Steve Stevens, will be a perfect coach to introduce you to group flights.
Learning new things and developing friendships: this is a program that goes far beyond the simple use of a flight simulator!

Thus all I can say now is: ENJOY!

Yoland Grosjean from Switzerland - SPA 348
- CEO St Paul Airlines VA (ceo@stpaulairlines.com)
- Special Operations manager
- SPA Fleet manager
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Anonymous Posted: 15.06.2017, 20:02
Unregistered User It is once again my pleasure to announce, there will not be an official online flying club, at least by me. 

Anyone wishing to fly online with an organized adult group may contact me via email or PM  if I still have one.

edited by: BBQSteve, Jun 15, 2017 - 09:05 PM
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