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Amelia earhart Flight

JimMagin Posted: 05.08.2017, 17:30


registered: Aug. 2015
Posts: 93

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last visit: 25.06.18
I would like to congratulate BBQSteve on completing Amelia Earhart fatal last flight around the the world steve made it back to Oakland, Ca having flown 26571 nm in 185.6 hours well done steve. Many of the Miami gang was on teamspeak with steve while he made this historic flight. steve flew the same type aircarft the amela flew a Lockheed Electra 10E.

I'm sure if anyone else would like to make this flight Steve would be more then willing to share where he obtain the information for the flight ( more work for you steve).icon_lolhail

Steve is on Teamspeack most every day come and chat or just come and have fun the people that are on are frendly and easy going. Enjoy

Jim Magin SPA629
Mia Hub Manager

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Anonymous Posted: 06.08.2017, 09:20
Unregistered User Wow! Out on the edge now Jim!

Thank you. It was a great adventure. I enjoyed the research as much as the flight and found a couple of really good websites which aided in my planning and knowledge. It was really difficult picking some of the airports as they don't exist today. As most of my colleges know, I am a scenery nut, so scenery files for the flight was a must. Thanks to ORBX, scenery was not sparse and at 8500 feet most all of the way, I got to see plenty. The hardest was finding Howland Island scenery that worked in P3D v4. I found some with all the bells and whistles, but 5 feet under water. hen there was one that moved the Island from it's place in v4. Finally I found some photo-real scenery that worked, but a little sparse in eye candy. I'll be putting pictures up soon a little at a time. It was also great to have TeamSpeak friends encouraging me along those ocean flights where it really got boring sometimes, but I flew every second of it except the last few night flights. I tried to find and follow their schedule and times where available of course I was about a month late from the start date.

Of course I will share my flight plans and bookmarks with anyone who wishes to give it a whirl. Just PM or send me an email. 

Thanks again Jim for the recognition! Sometimes that's all it takes to get more people flying! 

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