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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Pilots' Pub ::  Happy National Aviation Day!!
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Happy National Aviation Day!!

Anonymous Posted: 19.08.2017, 16:01
Unregistered User "In 1939 President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed August 19 to be National Aviation Day. The day coincides with the birthday of Orville Wright, who piloted the Wright Flyer. He and his brother Wilbur are given credit for building the world’s first successful airplane with aircraft controls that enabled them to steer the plane. Orville Wright made the first flight for 12 seconds and 120 feet around the site of Wright Brothers National Memorial on December 17, 1903. They were not the first to build and fly experimental aircraft but they are the first to invent aircraft controls that made fixed wing flight possible."That is a quote from Wikipedia. Steve Stevens put together a group flight from Norfolk down to KFFA, also known as First Flight field. Steve, Terry Garner and I made the short hop down there, flying along the beautiful Outer Banks. ORBX NA landclass has done an awesome job of recreating the Memorial Park honoring the Wrights. Steve was down there this past summer and reports the scenery is spot on. The picture shows Steve and Terry and the marble markers that show the distances of the first flights. The cabins are recreations of the buildings the brothers used while there. The marble obelisk on the hill is quite impressive and you can read the carvings on the marble. We made this flight in honor of Wilbur and Orville who helped make our wonderful hobby a possibility. This is a worthy destination, there is much to see and explore at this site. Check it out!
Happy Birthday Orville!!

Check the pics of the flight below.
Anonymous Posted: 19.08.2017, 17:06
Unregistered User Yes it was a great day for the flight. Slightly overcast to keep that sun at bay and the beautiful beaches along the way made you urn for a surf rod, cooler and bait.

Nice having Terry along with us today. I know he has been wanting to join us for some time and finally he found time out from the livestock to join us. thanks Terry and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

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