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Minor Tweak to Adventure Pack 9 File

jer029 Posted: 19.11.2017, 10:30


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Adventure Pack Pilots:

I discovered a very minor issue with one of the sound effects that doesn't like to play well with the gun sounds we use for this adventure.  I've made a correction to the main download for AP9, but those of you who have already downloaded it can make this minor change yourself by following these instructions:

Issue:  air-raid siren at Dublon airfield (the place with all the oil tanks and building near the Eten Island airstrip) won't sound once you've fired your plane's guns

1.  Find your copies of the gun sound effects file (fx_mguns.fx) - the one that matters is the one you moved into your sim's "effects" folder, but you might want to change the original in your AP9 download as well - maybe first making sure you change the one your simulator uses and that it works correctly.
2.  Open this file in Notepad or other plain text editor.
3.  Under "[Library Effect]" you will find the entry: Radius=0  Change this to: Radius=500
4.  Under "[Sound]" you will find the entry: MinAttenuationDistance=5  Change this to MinAttenuationDistance=500

Changing these two values should allow both your gun sounds and the air-raid siren to sound.

To test the siren effect quickly, start your sim and choose the airstrip at Eten island.  You can select this as your starting airport in your sim - just search or enter the ICAO as ETEN, it should find that and position your aircraft at the eten airfield.

Across the lagoon from your runway you should see the fuel storage tanks of Dubon airfield.  Take off from ETEN and overfly the buildings there at low altitude and the air-raid siren should sound.   It seems to trigger best when you fly over the buildings nearest to the beach.  The beach with all the tents, not the one with all the boat docks.


edited by: jer029, Nov 19, 2017 - 10:34 AM

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