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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Important Announcements/Welcome/Achievements ::  Adventure Pack 9 Multi-Player Flight Date - Thursday 12-7 1400 Hrs CST
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Adventure Pack 9 Multi-Player Flight Date - Thursday 12-7 1400 Hrs CST

jer029 Posted: 01.12.2017, 14:29


registered: Nov. 2011
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I've tentatively scheduled the AP-9 multiplayer flight for December 7 at 1400 Hrs CST (That's 2pm in Mpls. MN time and 2000 Hrs. UTC).

It seems the appropriate day - the same day as the day many years ago that "will live in infamy" - the President's description of December 7 as "a date which will live in infamy" was borne out; the date very quickly became shorthand for the Pearl Harbor attack.  After all, Adventure Pack 9 (Attack on Truk Lagoon) was deemed as the Japanese version  of the Pearl Harbor routing, only this time inflicted by US forces upon the Japanese strong-hold.

So, if you haven't done so already, get that scenery and other addons installed and tested so you're ready to fly with us.

Note:  We will also be using JoinFS for the multiplayer sim hosting, so if you haven't already installed this, please download and install this easy to use addon.  And even if you have, please open up your version of the JoinFS so it can verify you're using the latest version.

We will be using the SPA TeamSpeak channels that are shown on our main page.  Once you have teamspeak client installed, you need only click on the channel link shown on our main SPA website page and it should connect your teamspeak automatically to that channel.

If you wish to connect with another pilot to test your JoinFS and TeamSpeak, please contact Larry "Airhogg" Chew or me and we can plan a day and time to test things out.  I will plan on being on teamspeak and JoinFS about a half-hour prior to the scheduled start time to assist pilots with any last minute issues or questions, but that seldom gives enough time to troubleshoot big connection or install problems that were better identified and dealt with earlier.

So...please don't hesitate to contact me in advance of the flight date and time so that we can iron out any problems and ensure that we all have an enjoyable and relatively trouble-free flight.

Lastly, if this date and time doesn't work for any pilot who desperately wishes to participate, we can probably adjust the time or day still at this point, so let me know ASAP.

Hopefully I'll be able to make an adequate recording of our flight to produce a video of the event for posting to SPA website.  You can see links to previous flights at the Adventure Pack page of our website.

You don't have to be an expert pilot to  join us, we don't use rea-life radio protocol, just friendly banter, and we'll probably do some practice carrier takeoffs and landings.  Also, second chances are acceptable during the actual flight if a takeoff  or landing didn't work just right, or if you were busy shooting at the enemy and accidently fly into a nearby mountain or hit the ship you were shooting at. 

These flights have tended to be really great fun, and the more pilots who join in, the more fun it can be.   Let's do our part in evening the score for the Pearl Harbor attack rambo


edited by: jer029, Dec 01, 2017 - 02:42 PM

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