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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Website/Forum/Picture Gallery Support ::  Photo Gallery Permissions
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Photo Gallery Permissions

jer029 Posted: 03.02.2018, 15:43


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 962

Status: offline
last visit: 20.07.19

Please use care when you're logged into the photo gallery and browsing about on other pilot's albums.  Someone turned off a permission for another pilot's album so that he could no longer access it.  I'm sure this was inadvertent, but I would suggest that - if you're going to view other pilot's albums or generally browse the gallery, there's no need to log into the gallery login unless you're uploading photos.

Don't even go into the Album Permissions menu teacher.  Those permissions have been set for the best result already, and we can avoid all problems like this by staying out of the permissions area and not changing settings there for any reason.

Unfortunately, the current gallery installation doesn't allow me to disable such access, so - as I've said at the start of the new gallery, all pilots have the same access to other pilots albums as they do their own.  With this in mind, please use care and show the same respect to other pilot's albums as you would want them to show yours.

As always, if you're having problems or are confused, just let me know and I'll try and help.  Overall, the new gallery seems to be working well thanks to pilot's care and cooperation in using this feature.



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