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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Fleet Issues ::  Aircraft Substitutions
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Aircraft Substitutions

IslandBear Posted: 12.02.2018, 14:12


registered: Feb. 2018
Posts: 7

Status: offline
last visit: 14.04.18
I was wondering if similar aircraft can be substituted for the one listed as preferred.  For example, the 787 versus the 777.  I am using P3dv4.1 and if is not friendly to earlier aircraft version.  I also have the Dash8 Q400 which I wonder if it is acceptable to use instead of the -2 or -3?  I am trying to learn what is acceptable here at St. Paul Airlines. 

Thanks for any help,

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JimMagin Posted: 12.02.2018, 15:21


registered: Aug. 2015
Posts: 93

Status: offline
last visit: 25.06.18
Hi IslandBear
You can use any aircraft of the same category. I do believe that the 787 and 777 are in the same Category. As for the Dash8 Q400 I believe that it and the 300 are in the same category but not the 200. As for substituting the preferred are just that preferred aircraft. I do believe though the cargo and freight flight to get the Mod credit has to flown in one of the preferred aircraft but are a few aircraft to select from Mike or John can give the best information on this as they are working on the Cargo Stuff to make it more interesting and fun. Good Flying and have Fun.laughing

Mia Hub Manager

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jer029 Posted: 13.02.2018, 09:09


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 949

Status: offline
last visit: 22.05.19

Mike will have final say as your hub manager for MSP, but as a Senior Captain you can already fly all but the very largest aircraft specified in the fleet area.  Additionally, our fleet list is certainly incomplete and it would probably make more sense to categorize by MGW rather than naming a few models in each group.  That would be more extensible and not requiring updating.  This is one of the areas that still needs an overhaul.  That said, it's unlikely that Mike would have a problem with you flying any aircraft suitable for the type of flight you're flying.  If in doubt, you can email him directly also for perhaps a quicker response.

I anticipate that there will be changes made to this area in the near future that reflect the changes in philosophy and mission of St. Paul Airlines that have occurred over the past 14 years.


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IslandBear Posted: 13.02.2018, 18:54


registered: Feb. 2018
Posts: 7

Status: offline
last visit: 14.04.18
I appreciate all the words of wisdom.  I have been in contact with Mike and he is guiding me.  I am working on my assignments and trying to better understand flying my Carenado 350I.  There is a couple knobs that don't seem to be working as stated in the manuals.  I plan on a net search to see if there is a problem.
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