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FS9 crash software

Anonymous Posted: 13.07.2007, 23:21
Unregistered User I was curious if anyone has any software that more accurately reflects what happens when a plane crashes. Example: when a plane lands without the gear down in real life, the plane skids; life does not suddenly stop with a big "CRASH!" banner. I'm looking for something that could bring engine fires, oil/hydraulic leaks and failures, wings breaking off if the occasion is appropriate.

Any suggestions would be great. Even though I don't plan on crashing... I think.
SPA031 Posted: 14.07.2007, 05:47


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1114

Status: offline
last visit: 14.07.18
:astalavista: This subject never came up before. I suppose there are people out there who would love to crash airplanes just to see the carnage. You know, aircraft parts and bloody parts of bodies lying around. I guess Microsoft never thought this was important.

There are already plenty of computer games that you could buy that would satisfy you. I think most of them offer what you are looking for. Most video games today seem to have some combat theme. Also, there are racing games that have a lot of great crash scenes in them. I'm sure they are spectacular. I am just guessing, of course, because I do not own any of them.
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jetjerry Posted: 14.07.2007, 09:49


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 840

Status: offline
last visit: 21.01.14
I know of nothing for FS9, but XPlane does crashes realistically.

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daveraine Posted: 14.07.2007, 17:10


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 779

Status: offline
last visit: 28.12.09

Combat flight simulator 3


Lock on> if you can handle it

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tbone-guy Posted: 15.07.2007, 19:49


registered: Nov. 2006
Posts: 391

Status: offline
last visit: 05.04.11
If you do a search on avsim for Nick Needham and crash effects you might find what you're looking for...i'v never tried it out but i remember coming across it one day while browsing on avsim 8-)

Cillian - SPA173

Fg an taobh salacha ft!
(Keep the Dirty Side Down!)
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