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Category: Training Videos

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Multiplayer Flight Fun

Description: Larry and John's Multiplayer Flight Sample
Version: | File size: 80.59 MB
Added on: 11-Jul-2014 | Downloads: 810
Home page | Details

Multiplayer Flight Two - Wisconsin

Description: Larry, John and Bob testing out relaxed multiplayer flying over Wisconsin on this second regularly scheduled multiplayer flight.
Version: | File size: 170.06 MB
Added on: 19-Jul-2014 | Downloads: 808
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Misty Moorings Sample

Description: Here's an example of Misty Moorings. A landing at Misty's Place. All the sounds (including music) is part of Misty or FSX. I added nothing. Note the directional nature of the sound.
Version: | File size: 58.04 MB
Added on: 11-Sep-2014 | Downloads: 1019
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