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Download file name: Multiplayer Flight - Sunday Sep. 28, 2000 Zulu

Sequoia Ranch (CA44) TO Westover-Amador Co (O70)

Flight Plan

Welcome to the next of the regular weekly flights that Larry and John plan to host at SPA.
We will adjust day and time as necessary to accommodate as many SPA pilots as possible.

CA44 O42 O32 37CN 5CL0 O68 E45 O22 6CA6 O70

A detailed description of the what to expect along with flight plans in
FSX and FS9 format are included in this download zip file.
Contact me if you have problems downloading, opening or using the files,
or if you have problems using the SPA servers. We look forward
to seeing you.

Author: John Rogers (john@jrogers.us)
Version: File size: 432.98 Kb

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