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 Jim Magin 

Result from one voter
(1) Group Flight ( KVOK-KETB) - 1 voter (5) BAR
RMS Lusitania
[640x351] [1280x701]
RMS Lusitania - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 239 times.

Yellowstone Postal Laning Orogrande(75C)
[640x339] [1283x679]
Yellowstone Postal Laning Orogrande(75C) - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 214 times.

757 ILS Landing Goose Bay (CYYR)
[640x360] [1046x589]
757 ILS Landing Goose Bay (CYYR) - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 217 times.

Eick ILS 3 miles out
[640x351] [1280x701]
Eick ILS 3 miles out - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 209 times.

ILS 27L into KPHL
[640x351] [1280x701]
ILS 27L into KPHL - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 207 times.

AP36 Hindenburg
[640x351] [1280x701]
AP36 Hindenburg - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 211 times.

Enroute to KPHL
[640x351] [1280x701]
Enroute to KPHL - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 199 times.

AP36 Approaching KNEL
[640x351] [1280x701]
AP36 Approaching KNEL - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 198 times.

AP36 Approaching New York
[640x351] [1280x701]
AP36 Approaching New York - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 193 times.

AP36 ILS into KNEL
[640x351] [1280x701]
AP36 ILS into KNEL - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 187 times.

AP36 Hindenburg
[640x351] [1280x701]
AP36 Hindenburg - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 192 times.

Eick ILS
[640x351] [1280x701]
Eick ILS - Jim629 (JimMagin)
Viewed: 180 times.

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