"tinifly" by Dave Deal. Click on this image to go to his web site.

Each of these aircraft is provided for Saint Paul Airlines pilots. For any questions or comments, please email SOP Manager , Fleet Team manager.

Some of these aircraft do NOT come with panels and sound packs. Custom panels and sound packs are available at FlightSim.Com or AvSim.Com.

This table contains links to the web pages where you can download files for installing our aircraf


Bush Operations
Passenger Aircraft
Aircraft download page

Express Aircraft
Aircraft download page

Bush Operations Aircraft
Aircraft download page

Old timers - Historic flights aircrafts Seaplanes - Amphibians VFR single & twin props - Special aircrafts - Helicopters - Gliders - etc.

Old timers

Aircraft download page


Aircraft download page


Aircraft download page

To get the average calculated fuel consumption for our aircraft, click here: Average Fuel Usage